Love, skiing and creativity !

February, month of love and cold... For some of you it's the occasion of hitting the ski slopes and for others to fly to hot and tropical destinations! However! in order to maintain the momentum, there won't be any holidays for the clinic's newsletter.

This month, you'll discover an annual report for the Mississippi State, few editorial projects, portraits, diplays, a bottle of wine's branding. You will also have an illustrated overview of London's cities must see places, a new storyboard project, a beautiful and colorful free wallpaper to customize your devices and new personal works from our illustrators.

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- All the artists and agents from the clinic wish you plenty of love and good moments for the rest of the month.

Aaron McConomy / Com'Ent magazine / Paris

Aaron McConomy  illustrated for the cover and special article about truth and lies regarding the communication field in France, for the last issue of Com'Ent magazine published by Communication and Firm in France association. The publication is about reflexions on trends and actual evolutions of the communication field. To know about it, we invite you to consult the magazine.

David Despau / New Trail Magazine / University of Alberta / State of Alberta

David Despau illustrated a series of 24 portraits which pay tribute to the Alumni of the University of Alberta which also celebrates its 100 years. From 1911 to nowadays, we can discover in this edition of New Trail Magazine, 24 students who create the history ans spirit of this school.

Poppy Magda / Le Parisien magazine / Paris

Discover, through Mamzelle Poppy's graphic touch, these must-see places to visit in London city and presented in Le Parisien magazine through the Travel route : Destination London column.

Ëlodie / Marie-Claire China Magazine / Pékin

Here is the result of a special report illustrated by Ëlodie about the environment in the city for Marie-Claire China Magazine. She was requested to create a visual mixing Nature with famous singers' portraits in China, as the chinese artist Khali Fong from Hong Kong .

David Despau / Poster / In Bicycle We Trust / Madrid

David illustrated the new urban myth; half-human being, half-bike. This printed campaign for In Bicycle We Trust's stores, also comes with a beautiful animation.

"Attack Attack Attack" wallpaper to download by Chris Arran

The wallpaper of this month will add a small touch of madness in your day !
It has been illustrated by Chris Arran, who likes to work with a palette of bright colours, reflecting his playful side in his approach to illustration.


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Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Here is "Beauty" illustrated by Ëlodie, in a snow white version way, for an article about aging and published in the psychology column of Votre Beauté French magazine's February issue.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personal life column - Coup de Pouce magazine / Montreal

Romance and humor are filling Marie-Eve Tremblay's last illustration for “Vie Perso” (Personal Life) column of Coup de Pouce Magazine. The theme for this February issue is about the kiss. It was necessary to mark the occasion, Valentine’s Day being the event of the month.

Nicole Jarecz / Various realizations / Paris

Nicole Jarecz, whose works endlessly evolve, is proud to share with you her last realizations. First of all, silhouettes realized in the magazine Commons&Sense in Japan for an article about Tiffany jewels . Then, a patchwork of clothes and accessories for gifts. A scene of a bike in spring, very smart and with pastel colors. And, last but least, an illustration created for Ford USA. To see more of her recent work, visit her portfolio.

Tonwen Jones / CAA Magazine Winter issue / Canada

Tonwen Jones brings her special touch of colors and her collage style to the winter issue of CAA magazine. She created a map showing the location of different Italian museums where people can enjoy the exhibition of beautiful Italian cars.

Éric Caron / Storyboard for Subway Canada / Montreal

Eric Caron is bringing an advertising TV spot concept to life by illustrating a storyboard for an agency pitch for Subway Canada.