A very busy autum at the clinic!

The Halloween is already there and the first frosts are near, the autumn is offically instaled and we are already busy at the clinic;
This month, Damien Vignaux is giving you a visual taste of the Kéfir probiotic fermented milk and also illustrates the Paris International Motor Show. Ëlodie draws a Nathalie Portman's portrait and invites you at Victoria's Secret. We do a small summary of the Colagene exhibition "Positive Side Effects" who was a great success in Paris, notice that the screenprintings still available. Discover the Halloween desktop background created by Mydeadpony. Silke Werzinger gives the trend to the Galleries de la Capitale, Sonia Roy gives a special touch to the annual report of the Agence de l'eau. Edward McGowan illustrates the good times for Parks Canada and Andi Meier shows us what he is capable of. Also, find below a selection made of our greatest projects and personal researches.

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- The illustrators and the agents of the clinic

Liberté Kéfir Products / Montreal

Damien Vignaux worked with Cossette agency on the «Thank you Kefir » advertising campaign. He was requested to create a promotional video with aquarelle illustrations and textures that will introduce the fermented milk drink product, its origin, composition, benefit and the different ways to enjoy it.

Damien Vignaux / Le Monde magazine / Paris

During this month of the Paris International Paris Motor Show, Le Monde Magazine wanted to illustrate a complete supplement file with photographs of the press (modern and more older). Damien Vignaux proves one more time how much he excels at the photomontage technique, no matter what is the subject. Mixing skillfully the vintage and the contemporain.

Ëlodie / Romantic researches / Paris

In her spare time, Ëlodie explores and creates illustrations to arouse interest of her fans and new customers. Here is a portrait of the actress Nathalie Portman nicely staged in a fresh and uncluttered set. For the other illustrations, she was also inspired by the Victoria's secret fashion show.

Emmanuel Polanco / Institutional Investor magazine / New York

In the last Institutional Investors magazine issue, Emmanuel Polanco found a brilliant way to illustrate the current situation of the Greek banks helping the economy to get back on track. It is all in symbolism that he shares with us his singular vision of this economic situation.

Silke Werzinger / Les Galeries de la Capitale shopping center / Quebec city

Fashion illustrations by Silke Werzinger spotted at Les Galeries de la Capitale shopping center in Quebec city! The illustrations were created to dress temporary barricades placed in front of future new shops' windows.

"Positive Side Effects" Colagene exhibition / Paris

Last Tuesday, October 14th, the "Positive Side Effects" Colagene exhibition took place in Paris, galerie Corner44. Many of you came to pick up a copy of our brand new guide but also to take a look (and to buy) at the screeprintings our illustrators prepared. We thank you very much! To see more pictures of the event.

Jérôme Mireault / Le Parisien magazine / Paris

Jérôme Mireault created a series of 7 illustrations for the column Destination, heading for Yorkshire! of The Parisian Magazine summer issue. He had to bring to front the touristic attractions of this unique and beautiful region who inspired, a few years ago, the Harry Potter movies, with its vestiges, the nature, the monuments, the old alleys, the canals and the barges.

"Halloween" wallpaper to download by Mydeadpony

The wallpaper of this month is a bit scary and signed by the talented Mydeadpony. Self-taught artist whose illustration and watercolour techniques are influenced by fashion, street art and graffiti. Mixing digital media, painting and sketches and drawing on watercolours, splotches and textures, he creates immensely detailed images that are both meticulous and ethereal.

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Damien Vignaux / Télérama Sortir / Paris

Damien Vignaux created an illustration for the cover of Télérama Sortir Magazine whose subject matter is the Columbian music brought to front at the Île-de-France festival.

Takeshi / Personal research / Brooklyn

Emeric Trahand aka Takeshi presents his last researches and personal realisations. Dreamlike journey between cubism and geometrical forms imposing depth and rigor.

Ëlodie / Votre Beauté magazine / Paris

Ëlodie illustrated 2 articles for the September issue of the Your Beauty Magazine. The first one is about the importance of smiling and the second one concerns the dangers of using to much hygiene products.

Pablo Pasadas / Reflex magazine / GDF Suez / Paris

For the Reflex in-house magazine, on the health and safety of the GDF SUEZ group co-workers topic, Pablo Pasadas conceptualized the professional deafness for a column "Share the health experiences". The text deals with, from a prevention point of view, the risks connected to the noise in a working environment.

Silke Werzinger / Loulou Magazine - Shopping's mega makeover / Montreal

Silke Werzinger gave her “BIC” ballpoint pen drawing touch to LOULOU magazine for its October issue. She was chosen to illustrate, in her style, an article about how the shopping landscape evolves in Canada these last ten years.