Positive Side Effects

For the month of May, many novelties are upcoming. First of all, Colagene, illustration clinic is becoming Colagene, creative clinic. During the last years, the clinic put forward diversity trough its services. Focused on illustration at the beginning, it now proudly offers rough/storyboard, motion design and filmmaking, plus an art direction as well for the print as for the web. It became obvious that a name update would be appropriated to assert the global service. Which is now able to answer more than properly to an increasing demand from our customers.

Then, for the official release of its new guide entitled Positive Side Effects, Colagene, creative clinic, organizes a series of events of the same name that is going to begin in Montreal Thursday, May 8th. Thereafter, the event will continued in France. First in Sète, from May 22nd, under the K-Live Festival, then in Paris, Thursday, June 19th at Corner44 gallery. Circle these dates on your calendar and come to meet us, celebrate the talent and have a good creative moment.

And, like every month, discover below a meticulous seclection of the latest creations at the clinic to inspire you.

- The illustrators and agents of the clinic

Ëlodie / Vision Plus / France

Ëlodie created a series of illustrations made with several portraits, objects and scenes for the mon opticien’s mini fashion mag of the opticians from Vision Plus.

Jérôme Mireault / Mc Kinley's catalog - Sports Experts company / Montreal

Character illustrations signed by Jérôme Mireault for The guide to the great outdoors, a printed product catalog promoting outdoor items for Mckinley, a Sports Experts company’s brand.

Jérôme Mireault / Avenue Calgary Magazine / Calgary

Jérôme Mireault illustrated, for Avenue Calgary Magazine, a current situation about smartphone users ignoring each other and their surroundings when they go out to the bar.

"Positive Side Effects" wallpaper to download

The wallpaper of this month is about the new concept of the creative clinic and the series of events that will start in Montreal on Thursday, May 8th at Espace Infopresse. It was created in 3D by Damien Vignaux, multidisciplinary artist at the clinic.

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Version iPad, iPad mini

Kelly Schykulski / Personal work for Earth's day / Montreal

For Earth's day that occurred last April 22th, Kelly Schykulski did create a whole new bright illustration. Kelly explains: "It's about how we are all fighting though barely hanging on to this extraordinary and abundant beauty that surrounds us. Due to changing world and destructive technologies we are all becoming distant and isolated from our own environment. But it's always a constant struggle that we must not loose and forever keep fighting for."



Tonwen Jones / Annual Report / State of Mississippi / USA

For the annual report of the State of Mississippi, Tonwen Jones had to create, in her collage style, 4 illustrations of portraits and the cover.

David Despau / Vivre Magazine / League against Cancer / Paris

Here is the portrait of Richard Doll, a well known British epidemiologist doctor, made by David Despau for Vivre magazine of the League against Cancer in France.

Emmanuel Polanco / Philosophy Magazine Germany : German philosopher Martin Heidegger / Berlin

Here is an audacious portrait and 2 symbolic illustrations about the German philosopher Martin Heidegger. They were created for the magazine Philosophie (Germany) by Emmanuel Polanco, one of the collage artists at the clinic. To discover more portraits and conceptual illustrations by Emmanuel, take a look at his latest collaborations.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Lufthansa Woman's World Magazine / Istanbul

Mydeadpony’s illustrations literally took off in the latest issue of Woman’s World Istanbul Magazine, a magazine of Lufthanssa Airline. This magazine is dedicated to the businesswomen who frequently fly. The request was to portray Nurgül Yesilcay, a Turkish actress, and two typical Turkish motifs.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

Here is Aaron McConomy's new illustration for April-May issue of Quebec Science magazine. This time the article is putting the emphasis on how important and necessary social science researchers’ works are to citizens and politicians.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

New article for Vie Perso (Personal life) column illustrated monthly by Marie-Eve Tremblay and published in Coup de Pouce magazine. This time they are given 5 tips to be efficient when working from home.