It's time to travel...

 This month, Colagene makes you travel; first in Qatar with Damien for Enterprise Qatar, in ancient Greece with Nazario for Philosophie Germany, then in Rouen in Normandy with Aaron, in Beijing with Anne for Marie Claire China, without forgetting to pay a quick visit to the Cirque du Soleil with Adam and Oscar. Andlike every month, discover more creation of the clinic below.

Once again, we wish you a great start to the new year and we invite you to follow us on Facebook.

- The illustrators and agents of the clinic

Damien Vignaux / Enterprise Qatar

Damien created this print and web campaign for Entreprise Qatar.
For National Day, we launched this website to collect and showcase the entrepreneurs of Qatar; who through their work take this great country forward. Be part of this initiative and use the hashtag #thisiswhatido to be featured.

Ëlodie / Click Magazine / USA

Ëlodie had to create an illustration in a watercolor style for the contest section Self Portrait of Click Magazine.

Raoul Paulet / New 2013 Demo

 Raoul Paulet is a visionary director and artist who works on a wide range of media projects. In his research he tends to focus on minimalism, simplicity, and strong aesthetic combined with content and meaning. Raoul always applies a multidisciplinary approach, especially in the search of the perfect balance between image and sound.

Nazario Graziano's « Dolce morte » wallpaper to download / Italy

This month's wallpaper was illustrated by Nazario Graziano and created for Philosophie Magazine in Germany for a package on Epicurus. In his school days, the margins of Nazario’s notebooks spilled over with pen and pencil sketches of robots, shapes, clouds and an array of curious creatures. He hasn’t let go of his anti-conformist spirit, and his work is a digest of images and recollections from his daily life. His illustrations reveal a romantic outlook, tinged with a bit of irony.

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Aaron McConomy / Collection of short stories / France

Series of illustrations including cover made ​​by Aaron for a collection of short stories. The topics covered are Normandy and the domain of ​​water.

Anne Cresci / Marie Claire China magazine / Beijing

In Beijing, China, the young women discover in this month's Marie Claire China magazine, a mysterious silhouette surrounded with a splendid vegetal scene by Anne Cresci created for the scene decor of a series of products on the "Botanical" theme.

Óscar Llorens / San Miguel advertising campaign / Spain

In order to inspire us for summer campaigns, Oscar Llorens presents the Ciudadano (citizen) campaign he created for the non-alcoholic Spanish beer San Miguel 0.0.

Jérôme Mireault / Apple Magazine, Alberta Health Services / Alberta

For a special insert about senior’ health for Apple Magazine, Jérôme Mireault illustrated a senior couple holding hands and walking in a mountains and prairies landscape, representative of Alberta.

Kelly Schykulski / Famille & Education magazine: Special Guidance / Paris

Kelly Schykulski illustrated a package for the Famille & Education Special guidance: How to support our child well? This package is about educational guidance in terms of the role that parents can play.

Cirque du Soleil / Montreal

Le cirque du Soleil worked with Adam James Turnbull et Oscar Llorens to customize four promotional photographic extracts from LOVE show which is celebrating the Beatles’ musical legacy.