A new year

2014 is finally here. January is the month of good resolutions and yearly horoscope, the timing is good because Colagene created ​​three horoscope illustrations which we present you today! Dan Svatek, on his side, returned to school and draw on chalkboard for Newad, Raoul Paulet makes a wonderful TV spot for Telekom Slovenia, and Eric Caron joined the storyboaders team. Discover also who are the two illustrators selected by Taschen among 100 illustrators currently most prominent and recognized around the world. And, like every month, discover more creation of the clinic below.

Once again, we wish you a great year start and we invite you to follow us on Facebook.

- The illustrators and agents of the clinic

Ëlodie / "Happyscope 2014" of Cosmopolitan Magazine / Paris

Ëlodie created the Big 2014 horoscope for the Cosmopolitain Magazine, the Happyscope 2014. She had to create pure drawings with soft and light colours: yellow, pink, green, purple, sky blue... The grouped composition had to be refined and happy!

Dan Svatek / Quebec Ministery of Social Services and Health / Montreal

From last mid-November to mid-December, Dan Svatek accompanied Newad’s promotional team in several Quebec cégeps (College of General and Vocational Education) within the tour "Sois intense au naturel" (be naturally intense), a government campaign of prevention against drugs, alcohol and gambling among young people. Dan has made on-site, many illustrations in chalk representing different college visited and the passions and interests of young people interviewed by the promotional team.

Raoul Paulet / Telekom Slovenia (Director's Cut)

 TV spot created by Raoul PauletIt is said that there is no identical snowflakes.Each is a world in itself. Unique. Unrepeatable. Just like you. You can choose many paths. It is up to you and only you. Where you turn, which door you open, which world you visit. But there is only one way which leads you to your destination. Telekom Slovenia. Live freely.

David Despau / Epic Life Magazine, Vail Resorts / United States

With the Sochi Olympics in mind, David Despau was asked to create the portraits of 6 Olympic hopeful athletes for an article about them in Epic Life Magazine, the Vail Resorts publication.

Éric Caron / New storyboarder / roughman / Montreal

Fuelled by comics, advertising and video games, Eric creates alive and direct scenes, armed with his graphic tablet. Through sketches quickly drawn, or more detailed pictures, he puts his lines and colors in the service of the message conveyed by the image. Eric develops visuals with neat atmospheres and subtle lighting, inspired by themes from everyday life to Hollywood blockbusters.

Anne Cresci / 2014 Astrology in watercolor for Biba Magazine / Paris

Black spots and spontaneous colors to keep a direct and very modern graphic look; this was Anne Cresci’s mandate. The final look of the series is unique, with a palette of exotic and inspiring colors to project you into the future of 2014. To discover all the zodiac signs, see Anne Cresci’s portfolio!

Taschen Book / 100 Illustrators

Congratulations to David Despau and Mydeadpony who are part of the (strict) selection of the Taschen Book 100 Illustrators. The biggest players in the highly competitive field of illustration. Culled from our Illustration Now! series is this selection of today’s most successful and important illustrators from around the globe.

Nicole Jarecz / Marie Claire China / Beijing

Nicole created a splendid floral and enchanting interior design, by integrating 7 featured products, for the floral package of Marie Claire China Magazine.

David Despau « Barbudo » wallpaper to download / Madrid

The wallpaper of this month was illustrated by David Despau and was created for his own greeting card. We loved it so much that we decided to share it with you today. Initially an architecture student, David chose to study Fine Arts instead. He has been a freelance illustrator, art director and creative director at digital advertising agencies before starting his solo carreer.

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Silke Werzinger / 2014 Astrology of Marie Claire Magazine / Paris

The new beginning, is the title of the great 2014 astrology of Marie Claire Magazine that has just been published. Silke had the opportunity to use her new style. To see the series visit Silke's portfolio.

Emmanuel Polanco / Les Inrocks / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco continues his collaboration with the French weekly magazine Inrocks. This is the latest topic that was given to him, he explains: The title of the article is "All spies, high-tech file"; how new technologies enable citizens to have the resources to spy on each other (Facebook stalking, etc.) and how certain military technologies become accessible to the general public (drone), and also how states (including the USA) monitor its citizens (snowden, etc.).

Damien Vignaux / TC Media Publishing - Chenelière Education inc. / Montreal

Collage illustration signed by Damien Vignaux for the cover of a school book about Contemporary History from 1914 to 2014  for college students in Human Sciences. The book is published by Chenelière Éducation (a company of TC Media Livres).

Jérôme Mireault / The Globe and Mail / Toronto

Jérôme Mireault created a series of illustrations for a package on altruism published in The Globe and Mail. He had to represent everyday altruistic acts of humanity for the main illustration and to draw portraits of 9 persons featured in this section of the newspaper.

Ëlodie / Personal researches / Paris

The first illustration was done for a project, but won’t be published finally. For the other 2, Ëlodie explains: These are researches that I did to test new techniques and to return to more traditional methods (fine felt pen, pencil, ink, paint) and almost no digital coloring. In the one at left ('Miss Dior'), this is obviously a tribute to Dior and Miss Dior particularly with the symbol of the rose, precious to the creator. I am also inspired by the illustrator René Gruau for the style (he has worked a lot with Dior).

Chance, joy, success, and love

  On behalf of the entire team at the clinic, we wish you a happy new year 2014. Clay illustrations made ​​by Andi Meier for the German magazine "Bild der Frau".