It's Movember!

This month, support Jérôme Mireault - illustrator and storyboarder at Colagene - who will, again this year, in the context of the Movember event, grow a mustache in order to raise public awareness and money for researches on masculine diseases. You feel concerned by this cause, be generous or let you grow a mustache!

Like each month, consult the latest realizations of the clinic below, including a new collaboration with Sunglass Hut, the new demo of Das Schloss, the wallpaper by Oscar Llorens, etc.

- The illustrators and agents of the clinic, who has almost 5,000 fans on Facebook.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sunglass Hut / United States

The collaboration between Mydeadpony and Sunglass Hut continues. For their online campaign on Facebook and Pinterest, Mydeadpony has to represent different sunglasses frame shapes in an elegant and conceptual way. Here are the latest shapes published: Foldable Shape and Cat Eye Shape. More illustrations to come.

Oscar Llorens' wallpaper to download / Madrid

The wallpaper this month has been illustrated by Oscar Llorens and titled Yorokobu, created for the magazine of the same name. Oscar, Spanish illustrator, explores the possibilities of the digital world while continuing to use traditional illustration techniques with his simple lines which give rise to a style inspired by the world around him.

Versions 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800...
Versions 2560x1440, 1920x1080...
Versions iPhone 4iPhone 5 
Version iPad, iPad mini

Maison Vignaux / New 2013 Demo / Berlin

New demo of Damien Vignaux, half of the producers duo of Das Schloss.

Silke Werzinger / Fashion editorials for a German magazine

Silke shares with us her latest collaboration, made with crayons, for a German magazine. It's the cover and a spread on Green Fashion. She particularly likes this style and hopes she can work more and more with this technique more versatile than the ballpoint pen which she usually uses.

Emmanuel Polanco / Weekly Magazine: Les Inrocks / Paris

New collaboration for Emmanuel Polanco with the French weekly magazine Les Inrocks. Two first topics were given to him this month: 

Co-author with Toni Negri of major political and philosophical reflections of the 2000s – Empire, Multitude –, Michael Hardt thinks the spirit of resistance and revolt that blows around the world.

And the article: We do not necessarily have to pay our debts
Anthropologist, historian, university professor, David Graeber is also an activist who wrote books on the anarchism and participated in the creation of the movement Occupy Wall street.


Tonwen Jones / Geico Now Magazine / United States

Tonwen Jones had to create an illustration for a story published in the Geico Now Magazine on Collaborative Consumption, which is about neighbors sharing items around their home to save money.

Aaron McConomy / Ontario Principals’ Council Register Magazine / Ontario

Aaron had to illustrate, in a conceptual way, an article about Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) and the Leading Student Achievement Project (LSA), two resources that help leaders refocus their thinking and practice to support student learning.

Kelly Schykulski / Le Journal du CNRS / Paris

Kelly illustrated an institutional subject for one of the October story of the Newspaper of CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research). The subject was: Funding for European research in 2020...

Illustration Now! Fashion

Congratulations to Ëlodie and Nicole Jarecz who are in the last book published by Julius Wiedemann at Taschen : Illustration Now! Fashion.

Jérôme Mireault / Review Magazine / Montreal

The collaboration with Review magazine for the Fall-Winter issue goes on with an illustration made by Jérôme Mireault for another article-interview about a way to finance the education of a family member.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science Magazine / Montreal

The attention-deficit among children is illustrated by Aaron McConomy for an article dealing with this topic in a context where the Internet and new technologies are an increasing stimulation for them. The article is published in Quebec Science magazine.

Ëlodie / Illustrate the most wonderful time of the year with the clinic

At the clinic, we look forward to winter and the holidays. As a reminder, our artists are available for the production of all kinds of illustrated projects or campaigns: packaging, animations / motion design, greeting cards, corporate gifts, editorials, TV spots, web, etc.

Below you will find examples of our works under the themes of celebrations, elegance and winter time created by Ëlodie.

We hope this will inspire you. Don't hesitate to contact us for any requests and inquiries.

The clinic's agents.

Alexandra, Geneviève, Annie, Marie-Christine and Vincent.