October: they are back...

Emmanuel Polanco, illustrator, and 20100, roughman, are back in the Colagene's team, to the great pleasure of everyone! Find once again a good dose of creativity in this newsletter which has been, like every month, prepared carefully.
- The illustrators and agents of the clinic, which has almost 5,000 Facebook fans.

Emmanuel Polanco / Welcome back! / Paris

Emmanuel Polanco is back at Colagene! After having dedicated his personal projects in publishing, he returns with an even more sublime portfolio.
Emmanuel Polanco is an author, an illustrator and an artist living in Paris. He works for magazines (Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times…), theatre (Royal Shakespeare Company...) and publishing companies. He had published "Les animaux dans la neige" and "Petite Alice aux merveilles" for Gallimard Jeunesse/Giboulées. His work techniques are numeric and traditional collage, he uses paint, pencil and India ink.

Jérôme Mireault / Marie Claire Magazine / China

Jérôme Mireault recreated the latest hair trends from Fall fahsion runways, in a film noir style for the magazine Marie Claire China.

Óscar Llorens / Second style / Madrid

For nearly a year, Oscar Llorens has been testing and enjoying working in a more realistic style; a totally different world, far from his small world of fun characters in line drawing. Check out some of his new personal achievements.

Ëlodie / Lufthansa Woman's World / Paris

Ëlodie portrays Vienna-based fashion designer Lena Hoschek for the German magazine Lufthansa Woman's World.

Emmanuel Polanco's wallpaper to download / Paris

This month's wallpaper is illustrated by Emmanuel Polanco, who is back at Colagene. This artist, author, illustrator lives in Paris. He works for magazines, theatre and publishing companies. Feel free to share the wallpaper to others around you to make them discover his work.

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Damien Vignaux / Philosophie Magazine / Paris

Portrait of the philosopher Diderot and concept of biomimicry created by Damien Vignaux for Philosophy magazine.

Óscar Llorens / Latest realizations

Here are samples of latest summer projects by Oscar Llorens created in his line drawing style.

Anne Cresci / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrated, for a special issue of Votre beauté magazine, the following perfume: Si, by Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford's Fleur de Chine, Serge Lutens' la vierge de fer, Tonka by Reminiscence Paris, YSL's Manifesto, and Blue Cedrat by Comme des Garçons.

Aaron McConomy / Le Maag / Paris

Aaron McConomy created a series of small illustrations representing exercices to practice at work for the "tips and tricks" section of the quarterly internal magazine of the Maaf "le Maag".

Kelly Schykulski / Research World Magazine / London

Kelly Schykulski produces one illustration for the article: Invasion of the Niche-Seekers for the September 2013 issue of the Research World Magazine, about how the establishment of US branches by small European companies says much about the power of the American dream.

Anne Cresci / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates the Silhouettes files for the special issue of Votre Beauté magazine. She had to represent the vibes of several key styles as made-up by the editors.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / RTE Magazine / Paris

Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrated a story on the mobility of personnel for the Ressources section of the internal magazine RTE (transportation and electricity network).


The Colagene experience according to our clients:

In very tight deadlines, at the very last minute, when we think we won’t be able to do it, Colagene finds us someone, somewhere, who is available and has talent. Rapidity and professionalism, it’s what I like about Colagene.
Etienne Goulet, Art Director, Marketel

Working with Colagene is always a pleasure. The illustrators are very talented and the working relationship is very friendly. They deliver on time and they are also able to adapt to every kind of requests. When I commission them to do an illustration work, I’m totally confident!
Marie-Michèle Leduc, Artistic Director, Clin d'Œil Magazine