September: get back to work with Colagene!

Batteries recharged and a head full of sunny memories, it is now time to get back to action. Let us inspire you with this newsletter.
- The illustrators and agents of the clinic, which has almost 5,000 Facebook fans.

Takeshi / Personal research: Novelties / New York

After spending several months in France, Takeshi is back in the Big Apple. Always searching for a unique signature, he introduces us, in exclusivity, three new illustrations. To learn more, consult his portfolio and watch the Fotolia video presenting him.

Silke Werzinger / McDonald's / France

Silke continues her collaboration with McDonald's and signs a new series of illustrations for the printed advertising campaign about McDonald's commitments towards children.

"Kuruma" wallpaper to download by Takeshi

The wallpaper of this month, Kuruma is illustrated by Takeshi, and based on a new series of personal research. Takeshi is an editorial and advertising illustrator from France living in New York. Feel free to share the wallpaper with others around you in order to make them discover his work.

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Jérôme Mireault / Magazine de l'Université Trinity / Toronto

For an article in the Trinity College Magazine about environmentally responsible approach, Jérôme Mireault had to illustrate many facets of the greening of Trinity, using only two colors to give a particular look to the image.

Ëlodie / Personal research: watercolor in the spotlight

Ëlodie likes to work the textures. This summer, she wanted to explore the watercolor in her own way. Once again, she surprises us with her refined and captivating illustrations.

Nicole Jarecz / Personal research: world and fashion / Paris

Nicole Jarecz got inspired by fashion weeks from here and there to introduce these trendy illustrations. To (re) discover the world of Nicole, visit her portfolio.

Tonwen Jones / Personal research: tourist maps / London

Tonwen Jones loves to illustrate tourist maps! She had fun to illustrate maps of India and Iceland, countries that she had the chance to visit.

Ross Cuthbert / Ross Cuthbert also makes vector drawing / London

Last May, we made you discover 3D creations by Ross Cuthbert. This month, we share with you his talent as a vector illustrator. Here are some of his latest creations. Many others are to be seen in his portfolio.

Jérôme Mireault / Storyboard frame / Dentyne Ice / Canada

For a TV spot concept for the chewing gum brand Dentyne Ice, Jérôme Mireault had to illustrate the key frame representing an intricate and chaotic street scene with people kissing all over the place.

Joop! Miss Wild press kit / Paris

It is in the form of a small pocket that journalists have discovered the press kit of the new fragrance of Coty, Joop! Miss Wild, created by the graphic clinic. This pocket, once opened and unfolded, is actually a poster reapeating the perfume's advertising and containing goodies (tattoo, stickers, badge and a booklet).

Booklet / Joop! Miss Wild press kit / Paris

Inside the folded poster described above, the booklet presents the world of Joop! Miss Wild fragrance, the perfume, the bottle and the muse (the French model Julia Frauche).

For every girl, bad boys are the ultimate treat. The nice girl always falls for the wild guy. She is sweet, adorable, fragile even. But when they are together, she becomes someone else. Free, indomitable, sexy and wild. With him, it feels so good to be bad.

Rockmen / Website / Paris

ROCK is an only male models agency, created in april 2011. ROCK is the first small size, men "boutique" agency in Paris, offering a personalized service. ROCK is part of the group ANIMUS, who owns few different agencies focused on sport and advertising, for 16 years.