In July: Freshness and chilled beverages are of the essence

Finally it's July and it's hot! Many of you already have their feet in the water enjoying the dolce vita across the planet. At Colagene, the whole team is still available and can present you this month's newsletter. Take note that anytime this summer, an agent will be there to answer to your requests, several illustrators are also available to work, so don't hesitate to contact us. In any case, have a great well deserve vacation, live your summer to the full and celebrate!

This month, discover the new campaign on social media for Sunglass Hut illustrated by Mydeadpony, the stunning cover of Bulletin Magazine by Tonwen Jones, summer according to New Harbor by Ëlodie, and new editorial collaborations with Katrinn Pelletier and Chris Arran, and like every month, personal researches. This time it's Tonwen Jones and Adam James Turnbull with his concept: Almost daily illustrations!

The wallpaper this month is titled Underwater, a fresh and exotic illustration by Pedro Covo, Columbian illustrator at the clinic.

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Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Sunglass Hut / United States

For the Sunglass Hut stores' campaign on social medias (Facebook and Pinterest), Mydeadpony has to create eye catching illustrations about special days over the year. Here are the firsts created for the Fathers’ Day, the Summer Solstice and the non-official Selfie Day, a day dedicated for the self love.


Tonwen Jones / Bulletin Magazine / London

Tonwen Jones illustrated the cover of the Bulletin magazine, for a feature on dementia impacts on communication aspects. Tonwen says : "I was asked to illustrate an elderly person as the main focus with the top of their head open revealing thoughts, memories and patterns."


Ëlodie / Diageo - New Harbor white wine / Montreal

Summer goes with happy hours with friends and a glass of white wine. Ëlodie demonstrates how to relax with a series of little illustrations inspired by instruction manual's drawing style for an advertising campaign for New Harbor white wine. 

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Virgin Worlwide's "The Roger Collective" Magazine / London

Mydeadpony produced 3 portraits for the article How you get your mojo going for the August issue of The Roger Collective, staff magazine for Virgin's worldwide employees.

Tonwen Jones / Personal project: Mr&Mrs + Death of a Zeppelin

Tonwen Jones created two personal projects. She explains each of them.

 Mr&Mrs: "This piece was a personal commission for a wedding gift for the groom. I was asked to illustrate their wedding day and to include many of their friends and family as well as capturing the spirit of the day; a wedding in a Victorian cinema!"

Death of a Zeppelin: "This was personal project about the apparent demise of the use of the Zeppelin as a mode of transport."

"Underwater" wallpaper to download, by Pedro Covo / Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

The wallpaper this month, Underwater, is illustrated by Pedro Covo, and from a series of 4 illustrations in digital painting style. Pedro is an editorial and advertising illustrator from Colombia. Don't hesitate to share the wallpaper to make others discover his work as well. Through his art, he hopes to dazzle you and touch you.


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Thomas Stefflbauer / Red Bull Crashed Ice ad comps / Toronto

In order to cool down the heat, here are illustrated advertising comps by Thomas Stefflbauer for the global event of extreme ice skating race, the Red Bull Crashed Ice.