In June: New Canadian young blood at the clinic!

June is already here, even if summer is shy for many of us. The agency in Montreal is newly settled in the new well-known neighborhood in Montreal, the Plateau Mont-Royal and a new ludic artist from Montreal joined the clinic. While waiting for the blue sky and summer sun, discover our friendly newsletter freshly created for you from Colagene Montreal this time. Enjoy your reading, from all the agents and illustrators!

This month, discover the world of Benoit Tardif, newcomer at the clinic, Oscar Llorens illustrates the new beer cans for NorthAm Beverages company in Brithish Columbia, Véronique Joffre imagines the 2013-2014 season of Arion's Orchestre baroque, Katrinn Pelletier takes us into summertime with her illustrations for Best Health Magazine, Marie-Eve Tremblay illustrates a web campaign for the Government of Canada, and many more surprises!

The wallpaper this month is titled Relation malsaine (unhealthy relationship), a conceptual illustration by Benoit Tardif, Quebec's illustrator that just joined the clinic.

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Óscar Llorens / Bowen Island Brewing / beer cans / British Columbia

In collaboration with the agency Spur and Boot, Oscar Llorens illustrated the new cans' design of the beer company NorthAm Beverages. The illustrations were based on the different names of each beer: Artisan IPA, Sun Chaser, Deep 6 Lager, Reef Break, Twisted Trail and Wild Wood.

Colagene presented the portraits of its Canadian artists!

 On June 12th, a special press release was sent to Canadian medias. We are sharing a preview of it with you today.

Colagene, the representative agency from Montreal, presents 8 portraits in photo of its Canadian illustrators and storyboarders working in the North American advertising and communications industries. 

Their artistic signature, their talent and their professionalism are solicited by the industry for the creation of personalized images that accompany all kind of advertising productions: billboard, printed collaterals, TV, web, packaging, etc. as well as advertising comp and storyboards for presentation to clients in agencies.

Discover below their faces as well as their styles and techniques through one of their recent creations. Enjoy!

Wallpaper "Unhealthy relationship" by Benoit Tardif

The wallpaper this month is Relation malsaine (unhealthy relationship) illustrated by Benoit Tardif. Benoit, Quebec's illustrator, works with traditional and digital techniques to build images designed to provide a precise and conceptual message. Don't hesitate to share the wallpaper to others in order to make them discover his work. Benoit's colorful personality and spontaneous work is certainly seducing!

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Version iPhone
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Marie-Eve Tremblay / Personal researches: A taste of summer! / Montreal

Avid traveler, Marie-Eve Tremblay travels the world once a year to find new inspirations for her illustrated world, she shares with us a new summery series and added: "I was inspired by old magazines of 50's and 60's that I found in a market while I was travelling in which there was fashion pictutres. I then imaginated a photo shoot for the summer 1959! "

Dan Svatek / Promotionnal Event - Advertising comp / Montreal

Promotional event scenes illustrated by Dan Svatek for an advertising pitch.

Aaron McConomy / The New Yorker Magazine / Siemens Advertising / New York

Aaron McConomy created 5 illustrations representing stories of innovation in four U.S. cities and the Intellistructure, multiple elements and touchpoints – technology, transportation, energy efficiency, etc – working together to create today’s smartest cityscapes. The illustrations were used for a centre-spread ad in the New Yorker Magazine and Siemens' social channels.

Silke Werzinger / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Silke Werzinger illustrates, for Votre Beauté Magazine, the monthly section Sur le Divan (on the sofa), with her signature ballpoint pen and markers style and neon colors.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Government of Canada / Montreal

Easter Island, Cuba, Paris.. There's a smell of holiday in the air! Here is a series of touristic locations illustrated by Marie-Eve Tremblay for different information tools (Facebook page, brochures, mobile apps, etc.) including the website created on the Government of Canada's initiative and addressed to Canadians travelling or living abroad.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal researches

Mydeadpony is really productive in his free time. He sent us a new personal series of illustrations. Here is our selection, to see more visit his portfolio.

Identity of Cabanes & Chazottes Architectes / Paris

The Graphic Design Clinic created the new identity for Cabanes & Chazottes Architects, including the logo, business cards and book.

Clients Testimonials

 The Colagene experience according to our clients:

We enjoyed working with Genevieve on various collage-design projects. Genevieve and the staff were always punctual and provided the quality work we expected.
Jodi Hale, Production Lead, Rosetta Stone

Congrats for always being on time, Colagene is always on top of things.
Martine Trebillod, DA Votre Beauté Magazine’s artistic director