In May: Take on illustrated, sketched or animated challenges!

In this month of various holidays in France, Marie-Christine and Vincent, associates of the clinic in Paris, flew to the clinic of Montreal in order to set up the new headquarters offices in Quebec. They also went to meet new artists from Quebec and to refuel on North American culture and gastronomy, such as the famous poutine. The new talents will be unveil next month. Until then, for the pleasure of your eyes, discover once again an all-dressed newsletter that, we hope, will please you.

This month, Raoul Paulet presents Le Mystère, a video clip he wrote, directed and animated, Jérôme Mireault was selected to collaborate on visuals for the campaign about servicentres of the 4 fashion centers of Cadillac Fairview, David Despau illustrates a digital poster, animated by Damien Vignaux, as well as a printed billboard for Société Générale, Pablo Pasadas has created the poster of the festival Le printemps de Rouen in France, Géraldine Georges unveils her researches for packaging, David Despau had the honor to draw 19 portraits of the 100 most influential people in the world according to Time, and Ross Cuthbert also does 3D. Furthermore, Colagene and its team won many awards at the Applied Arts contest. Enjoy your reading!

The wallpaper of this month is titled Magic Power, one of the famous illustration by Shane, the new guy at the clinic.

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Raoul Paulet / Le Mystère / Hugo & The Prismatics / London

 Raoul Paulet would like to present you Le Mystère, a music video he wrote, directed and animated for Hugo & The Prismatics.

Through a journey of self-discovery a woman explores the meaning of life. Choices, fears, intentions, mistakes. Her feelings are brought to life and populate her imagination. To distinguish what is real from what is not, she has to observe and listen carefully. This is the only way to not get lost.

Objects that move and change shape. A magical table that gives her shelter. Dark shadows that reflect thoughts and movements. In this journey she learns how to communicate and play with these elements, so that she can finally feel confident enough to open her eyes wide and make her own destiny.

Backstage photos here.

Jérôme Mireault / Shopping malls / Cadillac Fairview / Montreal

When illustration is mixed with photography... Illustator Jérôme Mireault was chosen to work on servicentres advertising campaign's visuals for Cadillac Fairview's four shopping malls:  Carrefour Laval, Fairview Pointe-Claire, Galeries d'Anjou and  Promenades St-Bruno. Jérôme was requested to draw in black lining style, a series of elements each reffering to a specific service available for the malls' customers to optimize their experiment / visit.

David Despau / Société Générale / London + Hong Kong

 Illustration by David Despau for a digital poster, animated by Damien Vignaux, as well as a printed billboard for the Société Générale.

The bank's mission is to make the link between those who have money (investors) and those financing needs (the issuers). This link is symbolized by flows that meet and build an imaginary bridge.

Pablo Pasadas / Festival poster: Le printemps de Rouen / Rouen

Pablo Pasadas created the poster of the festival Le printemps de Rouen in France that takes place from April 13th to June 1st. A great opportunity to discover the cultural richness of the city of Rouen.

"Magic Power" wallpaper by Shane / Paris

This month's wallpaper to download, Magic Power, was illustrated by Shane for the Parisian boutique Sergeant Paper. Shane lives and works in Paris. He is experienced, talented and only 23 years-old. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper to many people, we are eager to see his magic touch mixed with nice projects.

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Nicole Jarecz / Fémina Magazine / Paris

Nicole Jarecz produced 3 illustrations of sunscreens' packaging for the article : subject Solar Beauty for the May 2013 issue of Fémina Magazine.

Dan Svatek / Storyboard and advertising rough / Montreal

Here are a few illustrations from storyboarder Dan Svatek. Dan is very appreciated for his characters drawing style and also the atmosphere created in his scenarios such as promotional events illustrations.

Ëlodie / "Fashion" researches / Paris

Ëlodie continues her monthly illustrations on her blog. The first illustration is inspired by the cover of the March 2012 issue of Vogue Australia. The model, Karlie Kloss, was wearing a dress by Alexander McQueen. "I am particulary inspired by his universe and this was the occasion to make a modest tribute to the collections of this great designer that I admire season after season. For the coloring, I was inspired by the advertising campaign of the fashion designer, dreamy and magical..."

And the second illustration is a suggestion of a book cover that ended up not being published. It shows a fictive portrait of the typical Parisian woman.

David Despau / Time 100 Magazine / New York

David Despau drew 19 portraits of the 100 most influential people in the World according to Time. They were published in their latest special issue.

Ëlodie / Shape magazine / Sweden

Ëlodie illustrated about the Community Relations, a trend where companies work for a better society, for the article: Good Neighbor Inc. of the Swedish magazine Shape.

Ross Cuthbert / Ross Cuthbert also does 3D / London

With more than 13 years of professional experience in the advertising industry, Ross knows how to adapt his style to clients needs. He masters the 3D, realistic, traditional drawing renderings. We wanted to share with you some of his latest 3D creations. Many more can be seen in his portfolio.

Winners of Applied Arts illustration contest / Canada

Several illustators at the clinic won an award at the illustration contest of the magazine Applied Arts. Discover the works that won below. For more details, visit the complete list of winners here.

Anne Cresci / I comme Info / Crédit Lyonnais / Paris

Anne Cresci created, in her more corporate style, 4 illustrations for the article: What to do in case of termination!  for the I as Info magazine of the subscibers of the Crédit Lyonnais.

Pablo Pasadas / Philosophie Magazine / Paris

Pablo Pasadas illustrates, for Philosophie Magazine, a subject named Montaigne and the friendship, as well as a text about post-democracy.