In March: Cheers to springtime!

What else to say, cheers to springtime! The warmer and longer days are arriving on the rhythm of each country. It's finally here. At the clinic, we brought together many new projects and "springish" images to inspire you and your clients.

This month, Oscar Llorens puts into images the campaign of the event Une jonquille pour Curie (a daffodil for Curie) for the sensibilisation against cancer, Ciara Phelan discovers products from Quebec by illustrating the Guide de la Route de l'Érable 2013 (Route Guide of Maple), Damien Vignaux creates explosive illustrations for Ever Magazine, we unveils a non-published project by Ëlodie, Jérôme Mireault illustrates on a chocolate milk container for Québon, Sonia Roy illustrates about the mental illness for the famous Canadian magazine The Walrus, and many more... On the personal research side, we hope that you will be pleased by the work of Mydeadpony, Katrinn Pelletier and Tonwen Jones!

The wallpaper to download this month is a montage of our favorite drawings by Silke Werzinger who has collaborated since August 2012 with the Parisien Magazine every month with 4 drawings a month for the Shopping page.

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Óscar Llorens / Institut Curie / Paris

Oscar Llorens was chosen to create an illustration for the main poster, as well as other printed and web supports, for the event called "Une jonquille pour Curie" (a dafrodil for Curie). This great national event of mobilization of solidarity against cancer, organized under the initiative of the Institute Curie at Place du Palais Royal in Paris, took place on March 19th to 24th, on the theme : together, take a head start on cancer!

Damien Vignaux / Ever Magazine / Toronto

For a special section on luxury watches, Damien Vignaux created 3 thematic spread pages for EVER magazine. In addition of highlighting the luxury of these watches, he had to represent the following themes: animal, indulgence and open dial.

Tonwen Jones / Personal and advertising researches / London

Tonwen Jones demonstrates, with her research work, that her illustrations can also adapt to a communication project that aims a larger audience. Firstly she presents a scene with a crowd enjoying the benefits of summer activities. Then she created a fictive advertising scene for Volkswagen Golf. And finally, in a more drawn style, she presents her own interpretation of Holi festival in India, which she had the chance to attend a few years ago. It's hot, it's colorful. To see more creations by Tonwen Jones, click here.

Jérôme Mireault / Chocolate milk packaging / Québon / Montreal

Discover Jérôme Mireault’s illustration on the side area of Québon's chocolate milk packaging. The visual, developed by the ad agency, was about showing a healthy and athletic adult enjoying a glass of chocolate milk.

Wallpaper to download "Ball-point pen drawing" / Berlin

Here is the 19th wallpaper to download. This illustration is a montage of our favorites drawing by Silke Werzinger created for the weekly page of the Parisien Magazine. Every week, she has to get inspired by the theme related to shopping given by the editors. Silke is from Germany, she lives and work in Berlin. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper to others and make them discover the ball-point pen technique drawings of Silke Werzinger.

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Ëlodie / Unpublished illustrations / USA

Ëlodie created several illustrations for a book published by an American Publishing Company about French mature women. The illustrations will not be published, but we wanted to share some of them with you.

Silke Werzinger / Marie Claire Magazine France / Paris

Silke Werzinger continues her collaboration with Marie Claire Magazine. For the last months, she illustrated the Me, Reader testimonies, in order from top to bottom : a reader that found love at her dentist’s office as well as a mother that saw her child and new husband fall in love together.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Promotional Book for the european children book market / Quebec Illustration Association / Montreal

Quebec Illustration association published a new promotional book to target the European Children Book market. Illustrator Marie-Eve Tremblay participated by creating an illustration of an imaginary Quebec traditional shepherd's pie-making machine. The theme was to illustrate few clichés that tourists might have about Quebec province such as sugar shack, Skidoo, shepherd's pies, or last but least whales. This promotional book that gathers 45 illustrators from Quebec will be released in March 2013, during the 50th edition of Children Book Fair that will take place in Bologna, Italia.

Aaron McConomy / National Parks Magazine / USA

National Parks Magazine mandated once again Aaron McConomy for the creation of an illustration to accompany an essay on pronghorns.

Damien Vignaux / Company Magazine UK / London

Damien Vignaux collaborates with Company Magazine on the article “we wish he was our boyfriend”. He created the dynamic portraits of 3 guys with out-of-the ordinary jobs.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personal work / Brussels

Once again, Mydeadpony sended us a wonderful series of his personal work. For the great pleasure of the eyes, here is a small selection of those that we believe are having the greatest impact regarding the subject, the details and colors are captivating as always. To learn more about Mydeadpony's boldness, click here.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Coup de Pouce and Laval University Contact Magazine / Montreal

Here is a new illustration by Marie-Eve Tremblay for Laval University Contact Magazine. She illustrated, again with a lot of humor, an article about people who are happy to serve the Scientific Research by offering their services as human guinea-pigs.

Below, is following another illustration of a female tightrope walker holding a friend of hers in her hand. This one was creating, still by Marie-EVe, for a new Coup de Pouce Magazine Personal Life column, in which some advices to help your friends without getting personally affected are given.