February: Love and revival on the agenda!

The month of lovers is ongoing. The beginning for some and a renewal for others. One sure thing is there is a revival in February; weather is warming up slowly, daylight and birds are more present. At the clinic, Spring is a month early and we are offering you a bouquet of colours for the pleasure of your eyes!

This month, Anne Cresci creates Marionnaud window displays for Valentine's Day, Takeshi illustrates the new campaign of Federation of Golf in France, Kelly Schykulski creates illustrations in a directory for the network of engineers of Quebec, Florent Auguy unveils a series of portraits in black and white between realism and fantasy, an audacious illustration by Julien Pacaud is published in The New York Times, 4 illustrators from the clinic are part of the book 1000 Portrait Illustrations, Ëlodie illustrates the beauty of women and the Fashion Week of Paris. Things are moving on the motion design side with the arrival of the talentuos duo of directors "Das Schloss".

The wallpaper to download this month is a montage of portraits created by Florent Auguy, loyal illustrator at the clinic working in the video game industry. Join our community on our Facebook page that has now more than 3700 fans!

Anne Cresci / Valentine's Day campaign of Marionnaud perfumeries / France

Series of illustrations created for Valentine's Day campaign of Marionnaud perfumeries by Anne Cresci. Marionnaud is an international chain of perfume stores from France based in Paris.

Maison Vignaux / New team of French directors / Berlin

Colagene is proud to welcome aboard Das Schloss (The castle in German), composed of Damien "elroy" Vignaux and Nicolas "Neopen" André, a Berlin-based team of French directors and art directors. Their crossover techniques and experiences allow them to run projects from A to Z by writing, directing, designing and animating full stories together, creating rich homogeneous contents. The duo already worked for clients like YSL, Nike, Adidas, Universal, EMI, MTV group, Nokia, Swatch, Visa Premier or Nescafé.

Takeshi / Advertising campaign for the license of 2013 for the French Federation of Golf / Paris

Takeshi created this photomontage illustration for the web and printed advertising campaign called: Bienvenue au Club (Welcome to the Club), promoting the 2013 license of the French Federation of Golf.

Elroy / Femmes en Or opening / France

Once again this year, Damien Vignaux created the opening of the awards ceremony of Femmes en Or. Open to the public, in the presence of guests from the media, entertainment, sports, film industries and business communities, the awards ceremony promotes a woman each year through the awarding of a trophy. A moment of celebration and encounters, it is also a moment of conviviality and spectacle.

Kelly Schykulski / The Réseau des ingénieurs du Québec (Quebec Engineers Association) / Montreal

The Réseau des Ingénieurs du Québec (Quebec Engineers Association) chose Kelly Schykulski to illustrate a service providers directory book that will be available soon to its students and professional members. The book is listing few lifestyle, entertainment, familily and everyday life services that these members can refer to if needed.

Wallpaper to download

Here is the 18th wallpaper to download.This illustration is a montage of the recent personal work of Florent Auguy, loyal illustrator at the clinic, now living in Paris and working for the video game industry. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper to others and make them discover another side of Florent Auguy's work.

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Jérôme Mireault / Working Mother Magazine / USA

Jérome Mireault had to illustrate a female executive throwing a big, Frankenstein's-lab-style knife switch on a giant money-making machine, and a huge torrent of money cascading out, to represent successful executives who are in charge of making profits for respective their companies, and how it is being in positions of such important responsibility that they can lead directly to CEO jobs.

Anne Cresci / Le Mag de France Boissons / Paris

Anne Cresci has realized the cover page of corporate clients-oriented France Boissons' magazine. She worked with a frank and precise trait that comes out with the bright and lively colours she used.

Ëlodie / "Sexy Colors" exhibition and researches for the Fashion Week Couture / Paris

Ëlodie participated to the Sexy Colors exhibition at the Curiosités gallery from December to last January in Paris. The color version as well as the black & white one are on sale on her online shop.

Also, in the occasion of the recent Fashion Week Couture in Paris that happens in the last few weeks, Ëlodie produced a sublime illustration from a photo of the defile. We love that she kept the transparency effect, the lightness, movements and volumes in the clothing, that makes this illustration a splendid image that represents well catwalks. This illustration is also on sale on her online shop.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Vie Perso / Coup de Pouce Magazine / Montreal

Here are two new illustrations by Marie-Eve Tremblay for the very short stories of  Vie perso (Personal life) column in Coup de Pouce magazine. In the January issue, we can enjoy Marie-Eve's drawing for a few advices on how to look for another job without getting caught by one's current boss. In this month issue, as Valentine's Day is under the spot, Marie-Eve had to illustrate how new communication devices, Internet or social media may be the new places for infidelity.

Jérôme Mireault / English Workbook / Oxford University Press / London

Jérôme Mireault created a series of scenarios illustrations for the English Woorkbook, an English exercices book, produced by Oxford University Press.

Book / 1000 Portrait Illustrations: Contemporary Illustration from Pencil to Digital

The book 1000 Portrait Illustrations: Contemporary Illustration from Pencil to Digital has just released in bookstores. It contains the beautiful work of many illustrators at the clinic, such as Ëlodie, Anne Cresci, Adam James Turnbull, Nicole Jarecz, Chris Arran, Géraldine Georges and Kimi Kimoki.