In January, we are full of energy!

After a well-deserved break in the sun for some, both feet in the snow for the others, the clinic wishes you a very good beginning of the year. May this year be surprising, bold and invigorating for everyone!

This month, Adam James Turnbull draws on the walls of the new St-Hubert restaurants in Quebec. Two new illustrators: David Despau, outstanding draftsman, and Véronique Joffre, illustrator who works with paper. Ciara Phelan and Raoul Paulet work together as a duo on the animated wish card of Spie Batignolles, 3 collage illustrators had the challenge to illustrate the universe of different countries for Rosetta Stone, Damien Vignaux illustrates luxury watches for D'Amour Magazine, Raoul Paulet animates Gaznat wishes in Switzerland, and many more surprises for you.

The wallpaper to download this month is a strong superhero figure created by David Despau, new illustrator. Join our community on our Facebook page that has now more than 3 600 fans!

David Despau / New illustrator / Madrid, Spain

Initially a student in architecture, David chose to study Fine Arts instead. After graduating with a degree in design, he continued to work in design, advertising and illustration. He has been a freelance illustrator, art director and creative director at digital advertising agencies.

 To see more, consult his portfolio.

Raoul Paulet / Spie Batignolles / Animated wish card / Paris

Based on the illustration in volumes of Ciara Phelan for the printed wish card of Spie Batignolles, Raoul Paulet created the animated wish card. With over 150 years of history, Spie batignolles is a global operator in construction and public works.

Rosetta Stone / USA

Sonia Roy, Julien Pacaud and Nazario Graziano were mandated to create a collage that accurately captures a specific language, by using elements and style that represent the country and culture associated to it, in these cases, Arabic, French and Italian, for usage on diverse printed supports of language learning tools of Rosetta Stone.

Damien Vignaux / D'Amour Magazine / London

Damien Vignaux conceived 3 illustrations for D’Amour Magazine for David M Robinson – a chain of luxury jewelry stores in the UK, published by FMS Publishing. He had to represent the watch in 3 different thematic such as:  "Air / Vintage Aviation", "Land / Driving and sport watches" and "Home / Formal dress watches".

Ëlodie / Competition for cosmetic brand campaign

Here are the gorgeous tryouts Ëlodie created as part as a competition for a cosmetic brand campaign. The brief consisted in representing an active woman in different situations of her everyday life: at the office, going to the club at night, on a shopping spree, on dates, at the gym, etc…a woman can be many women at once!

Raoul Paulet / Gaznat / Animated wish card / Switzerland

2D animation for 2013 wishes of Gaznat created by Raoul Paulet. Gaznat is a limited company which supplies and transports high pressure natural gas to Western Switzerland.

"Superhero" wallpaper to download

Here is the seventeenth wallpaper to download. This illustration on the theme of superheroes, is a part of well-known illustrations by David Despau, Spanish illustrator living in Madrid, newcomer at the clinic. His superheroes remind us the strength and power in this new year full of challenges. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper to others and make them discover the explosive and refined work of David Despau.

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Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Company magazine / London

Mydeadpony illustrates the article Lipstick Lab for Company Magazine about students making chemistry cool in cosmetics school!


Anne Cresci / Sponsored car wrapping for Snowboard Canada / Montreal

Anne Cresci was chosen to illustrate the visual that will be used to cover a Mazda promotional car exhibited in Vancouver for the following months on the occasion of a partnership with Snowboard Canada.

Óscar Llorens / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Canada

True to himself, Oscar Llorens greatly combined his childlike world to the serious topic of Pharmacogenomics, customized pharmacologic care based on an individual’s genetic makeup, for the cover of the Pharmacy Practice magazine.

Press release / Just Cavalli perfume

After the press release of the new perfume Joop! Homme Wild, Colagene, graphic design clinic just designed, again for Coty group, the press release of the new perfume Just Cavalli for her.

Rising young model Georgia May Jagger (the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger) is the face of the new Just Cavalli fragrance.

Just Cavalli for her is a sexy and provocative new fragrance by Roberto Cavalli. A call of the wild echoing through the cityscape. Young and vibrant, sensual and fun. It is the faithful reflection of the whole Just Cavalli universe.

Colagene promotion

Colagene promotion created by the graphic design clinic.
Each rep chose an illustrator and asked him to create his or her portrait. If you look closely at the portraits, you will discover eac h rep’s universe; his or her
passions, strengths, qualities and interests. You will thus know better the people with whom you work at the clinic.
For a closer look at the portraits click here.