In november : Spirits warm up with the clinic!

November is synonym with the first winter shivers and setting sun happens way too early for all of us. In order to warm you up and nourish your creativity, here's our brightest and most lively newsletter, we hope you can recharge your batteries along with it.

This month, Jérôme Mireault gets merry with sweet maple products for a nice illustrated campaign in Québec, Adam James Turnbull is given carte blanche for Cottage Life magazine, Karen KIassen seduces us with her participation to the Luxury and Fashion book, Silke Werzinger realize the portrait of the Queen of England for Marie Claire Magazine in France, colombian illustrator Pedro Covo joins the team, Julien Pacaud and Mydeadpony share their personal researches. And many other projects for you to discover...

You will enjoy this month's wallpaper to download, it is a strong and symbolic image from Mydeadpony. The Graphic Design Clinic will seduce all nice wayches admirers. Don't miss out on any news from the clinic, and join our 3500 followers on our Facebook page community !

Jérôme Mireault / Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers / Montreal

Illustrator Jérôme Mireault  was chosen to illustrate the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers Christmas holidays campaign 2012. He did an illustration that will be part of a 2012 special edition syrup can available until January 2nd 2013. Jérôme also illustrated a whole booklet, created for the campaign and gathering few recipes inspired by maple syrup (cocktails, appetizers and main courses).

Silke Werzinger / Marie Claire Magazine / Paris

Silke Werzinger continues her collaboration with the Marie Claire magazine on the Moi Lectrice (Me, Reader) section, with her own signature, the ballpoint pen style.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Aaron McConomy's collaboration with Quebec Science magazine still goes on with this time a drawing illustration for an article-interview with Gaetan Lafrance, professor at the National Institute of Scientific Research (INRS). The article is dealing with a comparison between the Quebec province and Canada regarding the future of scientific research.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Personnal research / Brussels

To our great delight, Mydeadpony has just sent us extracts of his latest creations. Belgian illustrator living in the beautiful city of Brussels, Mydeadpony is a self-taught artist whose illustration and watercolour techniques approach is influenced by fashion, street art and graffiti. Mixing digital media, painting and sketches and drawing on watercolours, splotches and textures, he creates immensely detailed images that are both meticulous and ethereal.

« Viperine Tongue » wallpaper available to download

Here's our 15th wallpaper to download. This illustration is part the new personal researches from Mydeadpony, a belgian illustrator living in Brussels. His concept for this illustration arises from the French expression langue de vipère, (viper togue) meaning sometimes we have terrible words - like the venom of the snake that bites - that we often regret afterwards. The woman who thinks about her mistake embodies this expression, the venom is coming out of her mouth. Do not hesitate to share this wallpaper around you to have people discover Mydeadpony's fabulous illustrated world.

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Tonwen Jones / Open Minds / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Tonwen Jones did a nice series of collage illustrations for an article named Open Minds published in Reader's Digest magazine about 3 true stories of  people that were diagnosed with mental illnesses.

Anne Cresci / Capital Magazine / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates a series of portraits of the different french households, in Capital Magazine, for an article about the impacts of the changes on income tax with the new government. She explores a more corporate style and minimalistic colors, which gives a new dynamic result.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Max Malo à Vol d'Oiseau - Québec Amérique Publishers / Montreal

Marie-Eve Tremblay was chosen to illustrate Max Malo's new adventures in the third tome of the series titled à vol d'oiseau and written by Bertrand Gauthier. The book is published by Québec Amérique jeunesse.

Website / Le Guide des Montres / paris

This new website, created by the graphic design clinic, targets all the luxurious and prestigious watches lovers. You will thus find on Le Guide des Montres all the horlogical news, as well as the prices for new and second hand watches of more than 2,500 models.

Ëlodie / La Marelle Éditions and Ëlodie's boutique / Paris

Ëlodie presents us a series of three illustrations created for La Marelle Éditions, with whom she has collaborated for several years. You may have saw Ëlodie's illustrated objects in France or abroad in more than 40 countries. During the Salon de l'Objet in Paris, the professionals have had the chance to see exclusively the new products. Ëlodie also has an online store where you can purchase little wonders; iPhone cases, bags, notebooks, folders, notebooks recipe, and even original illustrations... You must bookmark Ëlodie's boutique in your favorites.

Silke Werzinger / Le Parisien Magazine / Paris

Silke Werzinger illustrates the weekly Shopping section of Le Parisien's magazine from the newspaper of the same name. Every week, she must take inspiration from the themes chosen by the editors to represent the spirit of the products, which she succeeds doing everytime.


 The Colagene experience according to our clients:

Thanks for being so professional and sending me all the material so quickly: if all the collaborators worked like you, I would be really happy ;-)
Ruth Varillas, Picture Editor, FHM Spain

We collaborated with Colagene for the first time recently and everything went very well. From the brief to the reception of the final files, the communication was perfect and so was the reactivity. It was a first for us and we most certainly will get in touch again with Colagene to work with the talented illustrators the agency represents.
Julie Jamart Dupont Fauville, graphic designer, Magazine Capital

Collaborating with Marie-Christine, Paris’ clinic agent, was very nice. I was able to realize an agency project for a client’s account, The French Golf Federation. The illustrator Takeshi understood the creative concept and delivered it just as I had imagined and sold it to my client.
Stéphane Cimolino, Art Director, Havas Sports & Entertainment