In October: Stay away from black cats!

October, month of colourful falling leaves, black cats and illuminated pumpkins. To inspire you, discover once again a selection of the best creations and news of the clinic. Enjoy your reading!

This month, Damien Vignaux plays the bandmaster for the Arion Baroque Orchestra campaign, Jérôme Mireault gets sporty for Spafax. Aaron McConomy illustrates neighborhood for At Home Century21. Ëlodie gets rid of the lice, realizes Gwen Stefani's portraits et illustrates a Hachette book. Sonia Roy eats dinner in Russia with Poutine, and creates 2 t-shirt visuals for The Kooples. Sonia Roy and Aaron McConomy are rewarded at the Lux awards, Geraldine Georges and Silke Werzinger share their new works to inspire you.

Just to set the mood of the 31st, the downloadable wallpaper of this month is a "Halloween Totem". Join our community on our Facebook page that now has more than 3 350 fans!

Damien Vignaux / Arion, Baroque Orchestra / Timeless Colours / Montreal

Illustration series by Damien Vignaux for the 2012-2013 promotional campaign of Arion's baroque orchestra concerts. Damien created 6 digital collage illustrations: one generic illustration to announce the season entitled Timeless Colours as well as 5 other illustrations, each respectively inspired by 5 upcoming concerts: Trésors cachés d’Italie, Bach, une histoire de famille, De la mélancolie à l’allégresse, Vivaldi à Dresde et Passions grandeur nature.

Jérôme Mireault / Spafax / Review Magazine / Home Gym / Montreal

Bring the gym to you if  you can't go to it : this is what one of last Review Magazine's article is about and for which Jérôme Mireault drew a nice urban home gym space. The article is suggesting different advices to set up a perfect gym area at home to the great delight of people who are too busy in their daily routine to go to a gym club to work out.

Aaron McConomy / At Home with Century21 Magazine / USA

Aaron McConomy illustrated for an article about the benefit of neighbor watch with an illustration representing the ways of getting to know our neighbors.

Ëlodie / Pharmacy Practice Magazine / Toronto

Ëlodie were asked to create with her drawing style a head with beautiful hair as well as the headline Head Lice and the subtitle for the cover of the magazine distributed to Canadian pharmacists.

Nicole Jarecz / Midwives Magazine / London

Nicole Jarecz made the portraits of Midwives Magazine's contributors, with a young and fresh style and variations in textures. This series includes portraits of 3 female collaborators, involved in the midwives community, giving their opinion in different matters.

« Halloween totem » wallpaper available to download

Here's our fourtheen wallpaper to download. This illustration is part of a series of 3 graphical totems illustrations realized by Oscar Llorens, spanish illustrator living in Madrid. Do not hesitate to share this wallpaper around you to have people discover Oscar's fabulous illustrated world.

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Tonwen Jones / Le Parisien Magazine / Paris

Tonwen Jones collaborates to the very first issue of Le Parisien weekly magazine. She illustrates the city of Rome and its historic monuments for the Weekend chronicle.

Modern Vintage illustration

It is with great pleasure that we found many of the clinic's artists featured in Martin Dawber's latest book, famous author of fashion and illustration books. Amongst them: Damien Vignaux, Kelly Schykulski, Nazario Graziano, Sonia Roy, Julien Pacaud, Mathilde Aubier and Tonwen Jones. Julien Pacaud, represented by Colagene in North America, is featured on the cover of the book. 

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Interligne publisher / Ontario

Marie-Eve Tremblay shares the universe of her illustrations for an alphabet book named Raconde-moi l'Ontario français adressed to young 8 to 12 year-old French-Ontarian students and published by Les Éditions L'Interligne. The illustrator drew the cover, some of the chapter openings and 2 main characters present during the whole book. For each alphabet letter, an historic character, a place, a town or an key-moment of French Ontario history is mentionned.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Paris

Ëlodie illustrates Gwen Stefani, singer, designer and fashion lover, for Glamour Spain Magazine's October Issue star astrology section.

Ëlodie / Editions Hachette Education / Paris

Ëlodie had the privilege to create about thirty illustrations for the Agenda 3, an adult book for learning the French language. Everything was created in collaboration with Editions Hachette Education team in France.

Awards Lux contest 2012 / Montreal

Last Thursday October 4th was taking place Lux Awards evening 2012. The clinic whould like to congratulate 2 of her illustrators on their Lux awards in 2 categories. Illustrator Sonia Roy was rewarded in the editorial category with City Break, her series of illustrations for Le Monde newspaper for a feature listing holidays options for every budget and every will. In addition to that, her illustration La clé d'Herman won in the Personnal Research category. At last, illustrator Aaron McConomy did win an award in the Editorial category for his illustration about the future of Scientific Research in Quebec published in Québec Science magazine.

Silke Werzinger / Silke Werzinger, innovative illustrator from Berlin

Silke Werzinger shares with us some of her latest creations made for Germany, her living place and inspiration source. To see the rest of her new projects or personal works, visit her book.

Nicole Jarecz / Commons&Sense magazine / Tokyo

Nicole Jarecz has created this amazing project of fashion illustrations based on the Celine runway show for Tokyo-based magazine, Commons&Sense.

Thomas Stefflbauer / Roughs Skoda / Swiss

Swiss agency has chosen Thomas Stefflbauer to do roughs for Skoda spot to accompany advertising concepts presentations.

Tonwen Jones / Gastronomica Magazine / Massachusetts

Tonwen Jones created a fun collage for the article Eating by Numbers, about the internet correlation of certain foods with names of prominent people, specifically about American political figures and the types of foods their names conjure on the internet.

At the clinic, holidays and winter season are colored and illustrated!

Did you consider using illustration for your campaigns, windows, packaging, internal holiday wishes or your clients'? To inspire you, the clinique blows a winter whistle and a taste of the holiday spirit with a sample of the past years' projects. Contact your clinic with all your spontaneous ideas!

Below: Marie-Eve Tremblay's Festive universe, an extract of Pablo Pasadas' campaign for the FNAC and Mydeadpony's campaign (TV and print) for the biggest shopping mall in eastern Canada.