In September, "unity is strength" with the clinic!

September, the month to move to the normal pace. Annie, Alexandra, Geneviève, Marie-Christine and Vincent - the clinic's agents - as well as the illustrators, storyboarders and motion designers are ready to take on new challenges with you! Below is a selection of accomplishments of last month, have a good consultation!

This month, Oscar Llorens feeds on Picard, Mydeadpony celebrates the 110 years of Vogue Eyewear, Damien Vignaux plays horses racing with Fotolia, Adam James Turnbull wanders in New York city, and many more... On it's side, the graphic design clinic smells Coty perfumes with the new Joop perfume. The downloadable wallpaper is a portrait of the famous film director Spike Lee. Join our community on our Facebook page that now has more than 3 300 fans!

Óscar Llorens / Corporative brochure for Picard's brand / Paris

Oscar Llorens illustrated the new corporative brochure of Picard's brand (frozen food products). The idea was to spread around the plate the components of the Picard's food chain - from the raw material to the consumer.

Damien Vignaux / Video of meeting with Damien "Elroy" Vignaux and Fotolia

The Ten by Fotolia series introduces the 10 best French digital artists into videos about their inspirations and techniques. In addition to the video, Ten by Fotolia provided a psd file of each creations made by every artist for a period of 24 hours to demonstrate even more the educational aspect. After Emeric "Takeshi" Trahand, it's now the turn of Damien "Elroy" Vignaux, multidisciplinary artist (DJ, VJ, film-maker, illustrator, photographer...) native from Toulouse, based in Berlin. Enjoy!

Joop! Homme Wild press kit / Paris

Colagene, graphic design clinic just designed the press document of the new perfume Joop! Homme Wild.The concept is based on the opposition of good/bad - perfume's guideline - illustrated throughout the press kit printed on newspaper sheets to bring out the "Wild" side.

Ëlodie / Glamour Spain / Madrid

Ëlodie captivates us once again with this splendid portrait for the special issue about sex of Glamour Spain magazine. The request was to create the portrait of a very sensual woman, wearing a black and luxurious mask, Venitian style, with attractive eyes with long lashes.

"Spike Lee" downloadable wallpaper

Here is the thirteenth wallpaper to download. This illustration is a portrait of the famous American scenarist, film director and producer Spike Lee. This is part of the personal research of Adam James Turnbull, Australian illustrator now living in New York. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper with others to make them discover Adam's work.

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Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Petra magazine / Hamburg, Germany

Mydeadpony has created two energic illustrations for the article I’d like to be so different, but I never get a chance for the psycho section of the magazine Petra.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Lucentis Brochure / Paris

Marie-Eve Tremblay created 13 illustrated mini-scenes for 3 booklets inserted in the brochure for the health professionals and patients of Lucentis medical company.

Anne Cresci / Boiron stand / Paris

Anne Cresci created this illustration for the product stand of Actheane of Laboratoires Boiron. Actheane is a tablet which aims to fight hot flushes and other menopause's functional disorders.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Line Skis / USA

For their 2013 ski collection, the Line Skis company asked Mydeadpony to create the design of the Shadow model. The theme was youthful yet rebellious in nature. The final art was modified as they wanted the face to be less obvious, but we wanted to show you the version with the face as well.

Anne Cresci / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Anne Cresci drew 4 illustrations to bring 4 stories to life. The texts are from a short story collection presented in the article Quick Fix and published in Reader's Digest's August issue.