In August, get back to work in beauty and creativity

For some of you it's time to get back to work, but for some others it's vacation time that starts or continues, and you're still enjoying good times! At the clinic, the whole team filled their batteries and is ready to get back to work. Inspiration and ideas jostle in order to surprise you even more. The agency wish you a good end of the summer and we are eager to work with you. Here is what we freshly created for this month, enjoy!

This month, on Quebec TV, Damien animates Aaron's illustrations for a TV spot for Tourisme Montréal, Mydeadpony, Geraldine and Chris illustrate musical scenes for the promotional campaign of a residential complex in Toronto, Sonia got an interview in Digital Arts Magazine, Ciara creates a delightful illustration for a summer festival in Chambly France, Jérôme audaciously illustrates the dating sites phenomenon, Pablo does some composition researches for a medical campaign, Nazario puts forward the vintage look for Le Monde magazine, Tonwen creates once again a portrait from a photo for At Home magazine.

For August, the wallpaper to download is about "Fashion victim" to make you want to meet us to see our new Luxury and Fashion book. Colagene also unveils the latest advertising created by the graphic design Clinic for one of its most loyal client, the Montreal furnitures store Bonaldo. Join our community on our Facebook page that now has more than 3 250 fans!

TV spot / Tourisme Montréal

TV spot by Damien Vignaux made from illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The animation was produced to promote tourism in Montreal. Damien and Aaron worked together under the artistic direction of Jimmy Lee creation team. Enjoy!

Massey Tower Condo project / Toronto

Here are finally the other illustrations that were used for the Massey Tower condo project promotional campaign: Mydeadpony with a Hip Hop and R&B music thematic, and Chris Arran with a 80s-90s Pop music thematic. Like Geraldine Georges' illustration, they were used for the website and other supports of the campaign.

Ëlodie / New: Colagene's Luxury and Fashion Book

Marie-Christine Brisson - associate and artistic director - and ten illustrators at the clinic worked together in the creation of the new printed book specialized in fashion and luxury. This brand new book was printed in two versions (Paris and Montreal) for an upcoming meeting tour. If you wish to consult it, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to show it to you. While waiting to see more in the next newsletter, here is a sneak peek on Ëlodie's work.

"Fashion victim" downloadable wallpaper

Here is the twelveth wallpaper to download. This illustration was created for the brand new clinic's fashion and luxury book by Nicole Jarecz, american illustrator based in Paris. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper to make others discover Nicole's work.

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Bonaldo ad / Montreal

Colagene, graphic design clinic created this advertising for the designer Mauro Lipparini's Peanut B (Bonaldo Italy) sofa, on sale at Bonaldo Boutique, for Mixte and Plaisir de Vivre magazines.

Jérôme Mireault / Elle Quebec magazine / Montreal

We're talking about dating websites adepts in an article from Elle Québec in July issue titled "Les cyberlibertines". This is accompanied by 2 suggestive illustrations by Jérôme Mireault.

Pablo Pasadas / Contest for a medical print campaign

Pablo Pasadas created this collage and photomontage type illustration for a medical print campaign contest. This mock-up was finally not use but we wanted to share with you his work.

Anne Cresci / Selection brand packaging / Canada

Anne Cresci created a series of packaging illustrations for sanitary products by Selection brand. Each illustration had to reflect a predetermined scene in the life of a woman.

Dan Svatek / Adidas / Client pitch for Climacool campaign / Montréal

Black and white frames from a storyboard illustrated by Dan Svatek for a pitch for Adidas Climacool campaign.

Tonwen Jones / At Home with Century21 magazine / USA

Tonwen Jones creates once again a colourful designer portrait for the Point of View section of the At Home with Century21 magazine. She also contributed to this issue in creating few spots to go with the text of the Homefront section.

Website / Nueva / Montreal

Colagene graphic design clinic has just produced a new website for Nueva, a 100% Quebec fashion couture house.

Thomas Stefflbauer / Adidas / Pitch for Those who dare campaign / Montreal

Black and white illustrated frames from a storyboard created by Thomas Stefflbauer for a client presentation to Adidas of a TV spot concept for '"Those who dare" women campaign.