In June, let's be bold and colorful!

This month, Ëlodie pampers herself with a drink in Istanbul, Nazario Graziano look at the problems of an epidemic in London, Takeshi does some shopping at Fotolia in New York. Plus many more creations to inspire you...

In opposition of the dull temperature in this early June, the new wallpaper to download is "bold and colourful", to give you some Vitamin D right from your computer screen. Colagene also releases the winners of the famous illustrators contest American Illustration 31. Join our  community on our Facebook page which has now more than 3000 fans!

Ëlodie / Advertising campaign for Kyara Leona Blush wine / Istanbul

Ëlodie recently created this illustration about "modern cabaret" for a print, in store and online advertising campaign. This illustration will be used for the Leona Blush wine from Kyara wine producer.

Takeshi / Video of meeting with Takeshi and Fotolia / New York

The Ten by Fotolia series introduces the 10 best French digital artists in videos about their inspirations and techniques. In addition to the video, Ten by Fotolia provided a psd file of each creations made by every artist for a period of 24 hours to demonstrate even more the educational aspect. Here, the featured artist is Emeric Trahand aka Takeshi, a grapic designer from Saint Etienne in France and now living in New York since few years.

Silke Werzinger / Cetelem ad / France

Silke has made an illustration composed of several objects & typography with Bic pen, for Cetelem - a specialist in consumer credit - print and web advertising.

Vintage pin-up girl wallpaper to download

Here is the 10th wallpaper to download. This illustration is a tribute to the vintage pin-up girls and aims to seduce you. It is part of a series of illustrations created by Katrinn Pelletier, French Canadian illustrator living in the beautiful Quebec City. Don't hesitate to share this wallpaper with others and make them discover Katrinn's work. In June, let's be bold and colourful!

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Marie-Eve Tremblay / Tendances Magazine / Paris

Marie-Eve illustrated LaSer group Tendances magazine. She had to illustrate a special file on french people relationship with credit, especially after the subprimes crisis. She mastered the concept and the final result is clearly represented, sophisticated and humoristic.

Óscar Llorens / L’Esprit MHD Magazine / Paris

Oscar illustrates the cover of Moët Hennessy Diageo's L’Esprit MHD magazine, for a special issue about alliances between 2 generations in a company, as well as the knowledge transfert between juniors and seniors employees.

Kelly Schykulski / English at work / Joboom Magazine / Montreal

Illustrator Kelly Schykulski was chosen to illustrate Jobboom magazine's cover in relation with an article on young people from Quebec having preferences to choose English language at university or at work because of  the advantages given in the labour world, for May 2012 issue.

Anne Cresci / Company Magazine / London

Anne Cresci illustrates the article « Genie in a bottle », for Company Magazine, about the 3 trendiest feminine and floral summer 2012 fragrances.

Aaron McConomy / Ecological challenges / Montreal

Illustrator Aaron McConomy carries on his collaboration with Quebec Science magazine. The interview-article for this June-July issue is about ecollogical challenges with the 2012 Earth Summit coming on June, 20th in Rio, Brazil. Previous summits assessment, challenges in the actual international context, the discussion has started with Christian Simard, ceo of Nature Quebec.

Jérôme Mireault / At Home with Century21 Magazine / USA

Infographic created by Jérôme Mireault to illustrate the checklist before buying a house.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté / Paris

Mydeadpony continues his monthly collaboration with Votre Beauté magazine. This month, he illustrates the health file with vitamins-filed colors for the article: « Get all you light intake » and creates a mysterious and  sensual universe for the article « the seduction aura ».

Winners of : American Illustration 31 contest / USA

Karen Klassen, Marie-Eve Tremblay, Silke Werzinger and Sonia Roy illustrations earned their place in the Chosen category at the lastest American Illustration contest. Congrats girls!

Biennale des créateurs d'images / Paris

It’s with great pleasure that we are posting a few pictures of last Friday June 1st 2012 launch. The event took place at the wonderful Docks - Cité de la Mode et du Design. We invite you to visit the exhibit and discover more than 200 work of art, including a series by Marie-Eve Tremblay. Entrance is free from May 31st until June 30th, 2012. This year’s theme was the artists’ vision of “Home”, as displayed in an original scenography. Enjoy the exhibit!

Aaron McConomy / New Brunswick Tourism / Montreal

A little taste of holidays now with a web promotion for New Brunswick destination in Canada. Aaron McConomy was chosen to illustrate a serie of elements (landscapes, characters etc..) in order to create 3 mini animations for a contest on New Brunswick Tourism Facebook page. Advertising banners on web media from Quebec were also created.


 The Colagene experience according to our clients:

I love that Colagene is a one-stop shop. It also has a roster of many talented illustrators that can do a variety of different styles. I have worked with many illustrators including Anne Cresci, Tonwen Jones, Katrinn Pelletier, Mathilde Aubier, Kimi Kimoki, and the list goes on and I'm happy to say that I was pleased with every single one of them.
Stephanie Han, Art Director, Best Health Magazine, Canada

We like working with colagene because of their illustrators’ diversity, quality and boldness. Moreover we can count on an efficient and organized rep who understands our restrictions/constraints and who succeed in both defending the illustrator’s interests and satisfying the client’s requests.
Nicolas Rouleau, production manager at Groupe Ville Marie Littérature publishing group