May is the season to be "Young & Fresh" !

This month, Sonia Roy unveils the diversity of her talent in one project related to marriage and another to travel destination, using her great retro style, Géraldine Georges realizes stunning illustrations on the topic of water for a Spanish magazine, Ciara Phelan illustrates about real estate's fact for Philadelphia Magazine, Aaron McConomy illustrates on social media for Report on Business Magazine in Toronto, The Graphic Design Clinic has just put online Solo Houses' project and many other realizations that will surely inspire you...

For the beginning of summer time, the wallpaper to download this month is "young & fresh" to immerse you in a good mood every day. Last but not least, Colagene also announces the winners of the clinic at the famous Canadian contest Applied Arts. See the winning artworks on our Facebook page soon. Colagene reached over 3,000 Facebook fans, thanks to your loyalty and support.

"Young & Fresh" wallpaper to download

Here is the ninth wallpaper to download. This illustration based on the freshness and summer theme, was created by Nicole Jarecz, American illustrator living in Paris. Don't hesitate to share the wallpaper with others and make them discover Nicole's work. In May, stay Young & Fresh!

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Website + Apps / Solo Houses / France

The Graphic Design Clinic has just put online Solo Houses' website and iPhone & iPad apps; Architecture de Collection exclusively sells a collection of unique second homes designed by the most talented international architects of their generation in the heart of remarkable natural sites.

Aaron McConomy / Report on Business Magazine / Toronto

For an article about social media, Aaron McConomy illustrates different small graphic illustrations representing the social media tactics of 6 companies featured in the text.

Jérôme Mireault / Roughs for Sauter / Paris

Jérôme Mireault uses his storyboader / roughman style for Sauter society's advertising comps.

Silke Werzinger / Reader's Digest magazine / Montreal

Silke keeps on drawing well-known people portraits for Reader's Digest magazine. For the April issue, She had to draw Pierre Eliott Trudeau, ex politician from Quebec who also was the 15th Prime Minister of Canada.

Applied Arts Winners

Congratulations to Mydeadpony and the graphic clinic, Sonia Roy, Marie-Ève Tremblay and   Karen Klassen for their winning illustrations at the well-known Canadian contest Applied Arts Illustration Awards.

Creative Cards Project / USA

Géraldine Georges and Mydeadpony each participated in creating one of the 54 unique playing cards from 54 top artists for the Creative Cards Project. They were free to pick the card they wanted and create their own design. The aim of the project is to create something useful, collectable, pretty and unique, for artists and designers to collaborate on an interesting project, get to know each other and show off their unique style and techniques.

3000 Facebook fans

Colagene reached over 3,000 Facebook fans, thanks to your loyalty and support. For the occasion, Adam James Turnbull realized this illustration, under the Graphic Design Clinic artistic direction. Next objective: 10,000 fans ! Tell your friends to "like" Colagene to make the community grow, the agency’s talents and realizations need to be seen by creatives worldwide.