February: Love is in the air

In February, Love is in the air! It's the month of passion, crushes, getting closer and secret revelations...

This month, Karen Klassen illustrates the packaging and label of ice wines, Colagene takes part to an exhibition at the 22nd edition of Montreal Fashion Week, and charms you with a "burlesque" wallpaper by Ëlodie. Francis Léveillée, Adam James Turnbull and Mydeadpony share their styles for inspiring and creative notebooks, Jérôme Mireault caricatures joys of northern winter... For the whole month, our Australian illustrator, Adam James Turnbull is doing an illustration residency in Mexico, as part of the ONDARTE International Artist Residency; follow his journey on our Facebook page.

Colagene's exhibition at the 22nd edition Montreal Fashion Week / Montreal

The illustrations of five fashion illustrators of Colagene have been exhibited at the 22nd edition of Montreal Fashion Week. The illustrators, meticulously chosen for the exhibit, stand out in the illustration world across North America, Europe and everywhere else on the planet, with their unique and audacious style, which was created on their own from scratch. Their signature evolves by following fashion trends through the real world and new media. By participating in this exhibition, Colagene wishes to charm the fashion industry and inspire even more people in this community to use the illustration to bring life to articles, create lookbooks with silhouettes or original backgrounds, illustrated purchase bags, unique labels, store windows, posters, billboards or packaging… According to the clinic, the illustration customizes promotional tools and make it even more unique and endearing.  A very human side comes out of an illustrated piece, this is what captivates the consumer and makes him want it and attach to the brand. That is why we must dare and communicate much more by the illustration in order to stand out from other brands and reach more audiences. This is what Colagene advocates and wants to share with the creative world and the general public.

Note that Alexandra Adenor, rep at the clinic, was on site to represent Colagene.

Marie-Christine Brisson
Co-founder of Colagene Montreal, Paris, London

"Burlesque" wallpaper to download

Here's the 6th downloadable wallpaper. It consists in a delicious and sensual burlesque illustration created by Ëlodie. Feel free to share this illustration with others in order to make them discover Ëlodie's meticulous and unique world. And above all, Happy Valentine's Day!

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Damien Vignaux / Wired Magazine / London

Damien Vignaux illustrates a portrait of Alex Pentland director of MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory in Cambridge Massachusetts, for techno-oriented Wired Magazine. The article is about the researchers' findings and the applications he developped that can predict its users' behaviour by logging their history and interactions.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté / Paris

Mydeadpony continues his monthly collaboration with French magazine Votre Beauté, for the Sur Le Divan section. He illustrates the article: Who's that woman in my mirror?, by playing with themes such as introspection and time: as stated in the article, age has nothing to do with the number of years accumulated but is about the acceptation of what we are at every moment in life.

Nicole Jarecz / New research : Watercolor style

Nicole experiments and develops her book. She shares with us her approach:

"Being precise has always been a focus of mine when illustrating, but I'm trying to break down my boundaries and experiment with watercolor and other techniques to give my fashion illustrations a more sophisticated look. Hopefully this experimentation will bring my work to a new level." - Nicole Jarecz

Jérôme Mireault / Jobboom magazine / Montreal

Jérôme Mireault drew us how to scoop the right way and avoid physical troubles this winter in a practical article published by Jobboom magazine.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Journal Write Now / USA

Like Francis Léveillée and Adam James Turnbull, Mydeadpony was commissioned  to create illustrations of the cover and few inside pages of quotes for a notebook, that is meant to be artistic and inspiring. This Journal's theme is the Mermaid, for strong, daring and courageous women. These booklets are so beautiful that we feel like using our best pen to write in it!


The Colagene experience according to our clients:

To us, Colagene means a broad selection of talented illustrators as well as attentive, efficient, quick and nice staff. That’s what I call a precious collaboration.
Anne-Marie Johnson, Responsable de projets, Hachette Education/FLE

We have been working with Colagene since 2005 already. The company is user-friendly, creative and efficient. Less is More. Even nowadays still, we keep being congratulated for the quality of our graphic identity and our website’s elegance… What more could we ask for?
Louis Pauzé, Owner, Bonaldo, Montréal

We like to work with Colagene because the illustrators are talented and reactive. Furthermore the Colagene team is very efficient, friendly and adapts quickly to constraints. Your accent makes us travel at every brief ;-) You are very professional and it’s pleasant, thank you once again.
William Londiche, Philosophie magazine