November: the clinic makes you travel

Once again comes November, with those grey skies and cold settling in for a few months. At the clinic however, things are moving quickly and the spirits are high since we get the chance to fuel on creativity along with you.

This month, Colagene makes you travel ; the monthly wallpaper, done by italian illustrator Nazario Graziano this time, is a poetic and minimalistic collage, Marie-Claire China chooses Anne Cresci, Ëlodie et Nicole Jarecz for its Beauty Section,  Anne Cresci works with JC Penney in the USA, Silke Werzinger illustrates for Thalys in France, Sonia Roy goes back in time for Philosophie, Karen Klassen continues her series of portraits for Psychologie Russie, Adam James Turnbull from Australia and Géraldine Georges from Belgium share their personal research works and, finally, our motion designers' new demos are online, straight out of the oven, to consult and share. Enjoy your reading and keep warm!

Anne Cresci / JC Penney / USA

For the series of Back to School ads for JC Penney stores, Anne had to draw different elements tailored around the selected photographs to support the story of each image. This campaign was realized by Saatchi & Saatchi in New York.

Silke Werzinger / Brochure Thalys / Paris

Bic ink pen illustration for a brochure for employees of french railroads transportation company Thalys.

Tonwen Jones / CNRS Journal / Paris

Fall under Tonwen's charm once more with her naive "handrawing" style for the special file: Handicap: Researchers face the challenge, for the CNRS newspaper.

Wallpaper to download / Nazario Graziano

Here is the third downloadable wallpaper. It is italian Nazario Graziano poetic and minimalist collage. This illustration was realized for the Colagene Guide and is available as a limited edition screenprint, that you can get from our online shop. Do not hesitate to share with fans of illustration and Nazario Graziano.

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Anne Cresci / Marie Claire China / Paris

Anne Cresci illustrates the opening of the Beauty section featuring the latest designers’ perfumes for Marie Claire China.

Ëlodie / Marie Claire China / Paris

Ëlodie illustrated the article about picking the right foundation product for one's skin type, Beauty Section of Marie Claire China.

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Quebec Science Magazine's favourite at Colagene,  Aaron McConomy, illustrated for an article about cyberwar, a reality of our today's world and for an interview with Anne-Marie De Passillé about how cattle and other farm animals well being can benefit from technology.

Ëlodie / Personal research / Paris

Ëlodie keeps collaborating with the Showcase for the parisian "Open House" nights. Here's the visual she realized for the last edition, on October 29th. In her second illustration, she illustrates her vision of Les Pléiades Hotel in Barbizo, following her short stay as a guest. She chose to draw the bar which looks like part of a hollywood movie, and pays tribute to Bérénice Béjot dans "The Artist".

Jérôme Mireault / Elle Quebec Magazine / Montreal

Illustrations for an article on men who have difficulty ending their sexual relations, published in the special men edition for Elle Québec Magazine.

Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Votre Beauté Magazine / Paris

Mydeadpony illustrates the file "sur le divan" on the theme of the conceptualization of ugliness for Votre Beauté magazine.

Nicole Jarecz / Company Magazine / Londres

Nicole Jarecz illustrates a feature on money and spending, explaining different behaviours, for Company Magazine.


I discovered the Colagene agency and the graphic clinic a few years ago and I found that, as a passionate of illustration and graphic design, this concept is extremely rich and interesting. The range of artists represented by Colagene is varied and often offers a solution for my projects. I systematically visit the clinic’s website everytime I need to research for a brand I work for.
Marie Dathanat, freelance art buyer, Paris


From the beginning I regarded Colagene as one of my favorite illustrator agencies. I love the variety of their artists and, always important to a photo editor, the people at Colagene are always friendly and helpful.
Ellen Reddy, Photo Editor Cosmopolitan Germany

At first we didn’t choose colagene but an artist who was represented by the agency, Then however, doing business with the this agency revealed to present an advantage: their professionalism helps with making timelines less unrealistic and challenges less crazy.. Their comprehension of our constraints and those of their artists enables everyone to work better together. It’s a guaranteed choice in terms of efficacy and mind tranquility.
Anne-Saskia Barthe, Publisher, project and production manager at Flammarion Québec

Elroy / New Demo Reel

When Damien a.k.a. Elroy, sits down at his drawing table, it’s like he’s an eight-year-old on a sugar high from being overfed candies at Grandma’s house. He’s influenced by pop culture, music and films, and he likes to experiment with a variety of media in his work, which often has a timeless quality.

Raoul Paulet / New Demo Reel

Raoul Paulet is a freelance director, motion graphic artist and designer. He has worked in Italy, France, UK and Canada for many international studios and clients. His work is always on the lookout of the balance between image and sound, content and aesthetics, simplicity and emotionalism. Now he is living in London, UK.