October: 10th Anniversary of Colagene and Halloween

October 2011 is an important month for Colagene; the clinic celebrates its 10th years. Founded in 2011 in Montreal, Colagene has now 3 clinics and evolves with consistence and  discipline because ot its passionated illustrators, its precious and loyal customers and its love for creativity!

This month: Oscar illustrated the new tv advertising campaign for TGV Lyria in Swiss. The clinic welcomes Ëlodie, a new rookie fashion illustrator from Paris. Jérôme Mireault honors the Femmes en Or by his illustrations and Damien Vignaux animates them. Monsieur Qui makes the town of Issy-les-Moulineaux (France) his travel diary. "The sardines" of Francis Léveillée win an award at the Lux and 8 illustrators from the clinic stand out in the new Illustration Now! by Taschen.

Just in time for Halloween, the wallpaper to download created by Mydeadpony, is dark and provocative. We hope that you will like it! And finally, a new topic: some customers share their "Colagene experience" every month.

Óscar Llorens / TGV Lyria / Paris

Illustration for the web and print campaign Discover the other Swiss nature for TGV Lyria. Colagene, graphic design clinic took care of the web banners animation.

Ëlodie / New Fashion Illustrator / Paris

The Clinic is glad to announce that a new fashion illustrator, Ëlodie, joins the Colagene team. Working as a freelance illustrator since 2010, Ëlodie developed her own realistic and poetic style. Although she prefers using traditional techniques, she enjoys experimenting with new ones regularly to try and inject more soul into her illustrations. Ëlodie is fascinated by fashion and also gets inspiration from the nostalgic universe of her childhood.

Jérôme Mireault / Femmes en Or / France

Jérôme made a series of 12 women illustrations for the awards ceremony « Femmes en or » that took place in Nice on September 17th 2011. This ceremony honors and celebrates the life, the poweful stories and the sucesses of women that contributed to valorize the role and place of women in the world.

Wallpaper / Mydeadpony

Here is the second wallpaper to download. For Halloween, we wanted to share with you a provocative and a bit dark illustration that reminds this mystery around Halloween; black cats, full moon and these unwanted fear shivers. Don't hesitate to share with fans of illustrations and Mydeadpony. Enjoy!

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Already 10 years

The clinic celebrates its 10th Year Anniversary in October. For this occasion, the clinic will reveal a product " made in colagene" in a limited edition, illustrated by Mydeadpony, to mark its anniversary with its customers and on sale on our online shop for the fans.

The clinic's beautiful story : The idea behind this innovative agency was inspired by a desire to change the status quo in the media and image field — a well-worn cliché, but one that would quickly take off. Born of a common enthusiasm for painting, fashion, graphic design and advertising, Colagene was founded in Montreal in 2001. Co-founders Brisson and Sillard, who are both passionate about design in all its forms, got off to an explosive start and steadily began to build their community of exceptional artists. Very early on, illustration became the main focus of their project — Colagene's visionary spirit breathed new life into the traditional market of image production, and the agency soon found its way into market niches. The response to their venture was overwhelming, and in 2003, the team started earning recognition for its work though various competitions and prestigious contracts. Armed with enthusiasm and ambition, the agency worked is charm on North America, followed by Europe. By popular demand, and supported by a growing number of partnerships, in 2008 Colagene opened a second branch in Paris, and a London office soon followed in 2009, with the agency setting its sights on new creative challenges. The resulting richness of its portfolio is the mark of a fresh and distinctive spirit, a special stylistic touch made possible by the inspiration and cultural influence of its members.

Kelly Schykulski / Magazine Ontario Principals' Council (OPC) Register / Ontario

Kelly created one full page illustration for the article : Scientific literacy (a story about improving scientific literacy in schools) for Ontario Principals' Council (OPC) Register magazine. This project was realized by Fresh Art & Design.

Jérôme Mireault / Out Magazine / New York

Jérôme had to create a half page illustration of the famous nightlife photographer, Patrick McMullan for the section: Symposium of Out Magazine.

New topic : The Colagene Experience

For its 10th Year Anniversary, Colagene took care of reviewing all its collaborations and would like to share with everyone some touching and inspiring testimonials. During this 11th year, we will show you new ones every month. It will also be featured on our website, don't miss them on your next visit. Colagene is also its wonderful customers! Thank you all of you that participated for your generosity and loyalty!


Colagene Paris is: nice illustrators’ team, good project follow up and significant flexibility of the team. See you soon !
Claire Sougy, Art buyer, Leo Burnett, Paris

We were impressed overall by the quality of the illustrators represented, in particular, Karen's portfolio. Once we began the working relationship we found Genevieve to be very responsive, friendly, professional and courteous. The business side of negotiations were very amicable with Colagene being quite willing and flexible to work within our client's budgets. We appreciated their detailed quoting process and overall client servicing.
Juice Creative agency team, Canada

Colagene has been a constant source of inspiration and has enhanced our projects with their collaborations and commissions. From their elegant and sophisticated images for The Ritz Magazine to the provocative and engaging illustrations for the UN, they have never ceased to deliver work that amazes and manages to be on time and within budget.
Grant Bowden, Creative Director, Deep agency, London, UK

Our collaboration with colagene is always pure happiness. A talented team, a warm welcome and an impressive choice of illustrators! All the best.
Isabelle Dubuc, Artistic director at Châtelaine magazine.

Lo más interesante de la agencia es la diversidad de culturas estéticas de sus ilustradores, además el trato con los agentes es agradable y eficaz
Jesús Angel Alonso, Director de Arte , Glamour, Madrid, España

Francis Léveillée won an LUX award / Montreal

Francis Léveillée won an LUX award in the “business communication” category for its illustration realized for Get your illustration fix 2011 colagene guide book and the serigraphy

Illustration Now! 4 / Taschen

Not less than 8 illustrateurs from the clinic are featured in the latest edition of Taschen's The Illustration Now! series, that keeps bringing you groundbreaking work by the world’s most exciting illustrators:

- Anne Cresci
- Damien Vignaux
- Edward McGowan
- Karen Klassen
- Monsieur Qui
- Nazario Graziano
- Nicole Jarecz
- Oscar Llorens