Damien Vignaux / Leonizer records

Illustration cover of the next maxi record of the electro artist Leonard de Leonard, and the first maxi "Les ailes du courage" by The Escapist, under the label Leonizer records.

Elroy / The Escapists

Brand new video teaser for The Escapists’ upcoming release « Les Ailes du Courage »

« Les Ailes du Courage » is the debut EP from The Escapists, a Berlin based electronic music duo composed by the producer Leonard de Leonard and the graphic designer elroy. “The Escapists” is both a musical and visual concept that explores the mixed aesthetics of film noirs, adventure novels and movies from the mid 20th century, aviators pioneers or mariners, somewhere in between Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon.

Nicole Jarecz / Glamour Magazine / Munich

13 horoscope illustrations for the January 2011 issue of the Glamour magazine in Germany.

Be Magazine / Paris

Series of illustrations for the Be magazine for their weekly column called "Sexorama", commissioned by Anne Cresci for the article "J’ai survécu à mon premier coup de foudre",  Mydeadpony for the article "Il a fait de moi son esclave sexuelle",  & Karen Klassen for the article "Ma nuit avec mon ex".

Aaron McConomy / Quebec Science magazine / Montreal

Editorial illustration to accompany a column named "L'envers des choses" about wine bottles recycling for Québec Science Magazine.

Anne Cresci / Be Magazine / Paris

A colourful & dynamic series of 12 illustrations of silhouettes for the weekly horoscope 2011 for Be magazine.

Jérôme Mireault / Annual reviews, Jobboom publication / Montreal

Editorial illustrations, digital & drawing style, to accompany an article about potential job opportunities in the publication on Law Careers and an article about first jobs in the publication on TIC carreers.

Marie-Eve Tremblay / Carac magazine

Creation of 3 illustrations for the Carac magazine for the article: How to make your dream a reality? produced by Textuel La Mine.