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Born to Be Unique. Don’t miss reading "Illustration Discovery”, the exclusive interview with Marie-Christine Brisson, co-founder of the Colagene agency, by Born to Be Unique! (French only, unfortunately!)

Applied Arts. as well as the post on Applied Arts blog

Grafika 2010. Collaboration in the Canal Savoir project, recipient of an award in the category Motion Design - Culture. By Gabriel Poirier-Galarneau, Martin Laliberté, Emmanuel Polanco, Mathieu Babin and Underground Productions.

Congratulations to all winners

Computer Arts. 3 Colagene illustrators appear in this month issue of the magazine Computer Arts: Handmade versus  Digital (Issue 133) A must-read, interviews on Takeshi, An urban playground, and one on Bombo, Handmade meets digital. As well as an article in which Julien de Repentigny reveals the secret of his technical work. See the video:

Takeshi / DoGree / Montreal

Series photomontage illustrations for the catalog sales of winter accessories brand DoGree.

Pablo Pasadas / Etap Hotel / France


Campaign continuation with a series of 4 new designs for print and TV advertising "Etap Hotel, The origin of a good day", produced by agency Young & Rubicam. The campaign will be running initially in France, then across the 22 European countries where the company is based.


Raphaël "Mydeadpony" Vicenzi / Ritz Magazine / London

Illustration for famous and fancy RITZ magazine – from the even more well-known Ritz Hotel group - for the article “Lucky Number Seven”.


Because good taste in images choice is as delicious as chocolate, and because the love of creativity is what we share with you, Colagene wishes you a beautiful and happy Valentine's Day.

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