TV spot / Tourisme Montréal

TV spot by Damien Vignaux made from illustrations created by Aaron McConomy. The animation was produced to promote tourism in Montreal. Damien and Aaron worked together under the artistic direction of Jimmy Lee creation team. Enjoy!

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Politics and creativity

An American election -illustrators react to it below-, primaries in France; surprising results ... At the clinic, everyone is on his/her desk or his/her workshop, and stay focus and productivet. First goal: the final result. 

This month: David has the wind in his sails with Vendée Globe, Steve livens up for Delta Control, Mydeadpony is interviewed by JasminTV, Damien hit the headlines of GQ, Nazario explores the cruises for Redbook magazine and even more. Ëlodie is the star of our Creative Capsule and presents us her online shop. DId you think about an illustration for Christmas?

Download and share the wallpaper "Don't forget to play" signed Silke Werzinger.

- 44 graphic technicians and 4 agents of your creative clinic

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the new President of the United States... Benoit TardifAnne Cresci and Thomas Stefflbauer reacted to this surpring news.

Wallpaper to share and download

Silke Werzinger illustrates the wallpaper of this month which is entitled "Don't forget to play"! Do not hesitate to share it and to spread the work of Silke. Version desktop / Version iPhone / Version iPad