Nazario Graziano / Fortune Magazine / New York

American Olympics athletes are part of a collage created by Nazario Graziano for the Digital Contents page of Fortune magazine.

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Nazario Graziano / 01Net magazine / France

Nazario Graziano illustrates the 7 capital sins for the article Comment Internet vous pousse au vice (How Internet pushes you to sin) from 01Net magazine on October 4th, 2017.

Nazario Graziano / M le magazine, le Monde / France

Nazario illustrates a theme for the IFRAP (Fondation pour la recherche sur les administrations et les politiques publiques) and its CEO, the essayist Agnès Verdier Molinié.

Nazario Graziano / Redbook Magazine

Why should you go on a cruise this year? Nazario Graziano answers in his own way by creating for Redbook magazine 3 photocollages rich in colors and which inspire an immediate holiday departure.