Nazario Graziano / Fortune Magazine / New York

American Olympics athletes are part of a collage created by Nazario Graziano for the Digital Contents page of Fortune magazine.

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Nazario Graziano / M le Monde

Nazario Graziano illustrated two full pages for the magazine M Le Monde for an article concerning the plane of Kadhafi. Emblem of the megalomania of the Libyan ex-dictator, the A340 ultra luxurious is in the middle of a judicial battle which will define the name of its next owner.

Nazario Graziano / Clés magazine

Nazario Graziano's illustrations series for the topic "5 raisons d’espérer” (5 reasons to hope) of the magazine CLÉS.

Nazario Graziano / Personal research

Nazario is always exploring new creative paths, new concepts. He refines and thorough his technique each day. Here is a short selection of his latest research.