Karen Klassen / Winter's Kiss ice wines / Vincor Canada / Canada

For their special editions distributed in Asia, Vincor Canada mandated Karen Klassen to illustrate the label of their Winter's Kiss ice wines. The illustration represents a young stylized Mother Nature with cold color palette.

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Karen Klassen / Bankers Hall / Advertising Campaign / Calgary

Here are the second part of the painterly illustrations created by Karen Klassen for the Fall and Winter seasons of Bankers Hall's outdoor printed campaign in Calgary. You can see previous illustrations for Spring and Summer here.

Karen Klassen / New: Colagene's Luxury and Fashion Book

Marie-Christine Brisson - associate and artistic director - and ten illustrators at the clinic worked together in the creation of the new printed book specialized in fashion and luxury. This brand new book was printed in two versions (Paris and Montreal) for an upcoming meetings tour. If you wish to consult it, please contact us and it will be a pleasure to show it to you. While waiting to see more in the upcoming newsletter, here is a sneak peek on Karen Klassen's work.

Karen Klassen / Bulletin Magazine / London

Karen Klassen illustrates the cover of speech and language therapists' Bulletin Magazine. The subject is a feature on the extra special care that therapists need to give to children with cancer.