Think positive.

As it is the tradition in January, the clinic wishes you a Happy New Year. For your eye's delight the clinic is sending its best wishes for 2012 under the form of papercut illustration. Colagene took a great pleasure in creating this fresh, spontaneous and invigorating visual ! In 2012 Think positive. This image is also your monthly desktop wallpaper to download, to spread the positive attitude around you.

This month, Colagene advocates the revival and development of styles, as New Year's resolutions. Julien Pacaud lends his world to the car brand Scion, and Monsieur Qui and Damien Vignaux work on an explosive motion design video for a perfume, renowned Baillat Cardell & Fils play interactivity with the logo of Havas Media, Fiat interviews Nicole Jarecz , Pablo Pasadas creates a world of festivals for Mazda, Elodie illustrates for brand Target Stores, Murilo Maciel, Chris Arran and Sonia Roy renew their books, and, once again, we are pleased to share with you great editorials projects and some customer testimonials.

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Happiness only !

Good news at the Clinic: Two awards at the Lux contest for one of Québec's most loved illustrators, and a new artist "from Russia" joined the Creative Clinic.

This month: Benoît Tardif rewarded, Dima Godunov and its computer graphics, Mydeapdony illustrates Andre Agassi, Sonia Roy creates the cover of The Parisian, Katrinn Pelletier and her summer researches, Takeshi for The Official magazine, David Despau paints a portrait of pope François... We let you discover the rest, and download and share the new walpaper signed Dima Godunov.

- The 41 artists and 4 agents of the Creative Clinic

The Colagene experience according to our clients.

By working with Colagene, we got a professional service exactly as we expected. The communication with the team was smooth, feedback was fast and the whole experience very pleasant !
Alina Lagarde, art director at Commun agency

Wallpaper to download

Welcome to Dima Godunov, new recruit at the Clinic. He created this month's wallpaper, entitled "I can'. Feel free to share and download this wallpaper around you to make Dima's structural and graphical work better known.

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