Katrinn Pelletier / Châtelaine magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier illustrated a part of Florida map for an article on different touristic places to visit in this American State.

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Katrinn Pelletier / Summer research

Spring takes time to officially settle down in Quebec. Katrinn, impatient, enjoyed seeing life in green and to explore tropical and floral subjects around fashion and beauty.

Katrinn Pelletier / Reader's Digest / Editor's Choice

"Few of us avoid life-changing moments". Here's the heart of this inspiring and moving story, published in the last edition of Reader's Digest, illustrated by the talented Katrinn Pelletier

Katrinn Pelletier / L'Oréal / La Roche-Posay Canada / Montreal

Illustrations signed Katrinn Pelletier for the 40th anniversary of the cosmetic brand La Roche-Posay. Katrinn was requested by Orange Tango agency to create a main illustration including the water drop from the logo of the brand. Some portraits of dermatologists and of a family were also illustrated as testimonies for the promotion of skin care products. Katrinn's illustrations were used on several promotional tools (as a beautiful water bottle) distributed this Summer via the 30 day moisturization challenge contest and also promotional events gathering skin care professionals.