Katrinn Pelletier / Châtelaine magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier illustrated a part of Florida map for an article on different touristic places to visit in this American State.

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Katrinn Pelletier / L'Oréal / La Roche-Posay Canada / Montreal

Illustrations signed Katrinn Pelletier for the 40th anniversary of the cosmetic brand La Roche-Posay. Katrinn was requested by Orange Tango agency to create a main illustration including the water drop from the logo of the brand. Some portraits of dermatologists and of a family were also illustrated as testimonies for the promotion of skin care products. Katrinn's illustrations were used on several promotional tools (as a beautiful water bottle) distributed this Summer via the 30 day moisturization challenge contest and also promotional events gathering skin care professionals.

Katrinn Pelletier / Summer production / Quebec, Canada

It's rainning in Quebec city so Katrinn is taking the opportunity to create new summer illustrations hoping that it will bring the sun back.

Katrinn Pelletier / Reader's Digest Magazine / Montreal

Here is a very sensitive and beautiful series of illustrations by Katrinn Pelletier for an article about the story of a man, Dan Rubinstein, who accepted to change his life to make it better after a serious knee injury. The article titled Gone strolling is published in the April issue of Reader’s Digest magazine.