Katrinn Pelletier / Châtelaine magazine / Montreal

Katrinn Pelletier illustrated a part of Florida map for an article on different touristic places to visit in this American State.

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Katrinn Pelletier / Sephora Event for Philosophy Canada / Quebec city

What a beautiful event that took place last weekend at Sephora in Quebec city. Katrinn Pelletier personalized Philosophy tote bags for 35 lucky customers, so they can show them on the beaches this summer.

Katrinn Pelletier / Twist Festival / Quebec

The main image of the Festival Twist, the Quebec knitting and fiber festival, was confided to Katrinn Pelletier for the 2017 edition. The release of this picture had an enormous craze this week on Katrinn’s page, generating more than 12 500 views. Just below, she presents us her new vintage series which she named: my Florists. Her illustrations, a bit surrealist with feminine characters and oversized flower bouquets, put forward the beauty of the physical diversity of women.

Katrinn Pelletier / Coil, Knitting and more...

Here is one of the last projects made by Katrinn with her new style. Bobinette Tricot they are products hand-made, wool of Merino dyed hand-made, unique piece and colored every time. The initial idea was that Bobinette Tricot is a little the black sheep in the field of the wool, with its unique pieces made in Province of Quebec and and Quebec city. And discover two aquerelles with colors of spring which could inspire you for packaging projects!