Julien Pacaud / Scion / Canada

Julien created photo collages for covers of brochures illustrating 4 different Scion’s cars in a specific landscape, by making sure that there was a continuity from one to the other. The project was realized by the agency Saatchi & Saatchi.

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Julien Pacaud / The New York Times Book Review / New York

A collage with a science fiction tone was a perfect thematic for the style of Julien Pacaud in this illustration about a new book on Scientology called Going Clear.

Julien Pacaud / NOWHERE Exhibition of Julien Pacaud / Paris

A month ago, Julien Pacaud's NOWHERE exhibition was taking place in Paris. Admirers of Julien's work were present to discover and appreciate his new masterpieces in the intimacy of his universe. The Quarks gallery presented Julien Pacaud's most recent surrealistic images. It is still possible to get a hand on the reproductions. For more information, visit Julien's page on the gallery's website. Also, discover in his book a brain new stunning project created for an Indian company.

Julien Pacaud / Redbook Magazine / New York

Julien Pacaud illustrates 3 collages about a woman's relationship with her finances to go with the article Keep calm and follow this money advice for the Redbook magazine.