Véronique Joffre / Creative capsule

Here is our second CRÉATIVE CAPSULE novelty launched this summer. This month we invite you to meet Véronique Joffre, French artist living in London and working paper cuts. Great discovery, and do not hesitate to share around you to make her work known.

Describe to us your creative lab?
My workshop gives onto the garden where from I perceive cats, birds, squirrels and sometimes even foxes! My desk is quite simple but it is surrounded with images, books and with pictures that I like looking at, they help me to immerse myself into the creative process. And on top of that, papers, markers, scissors and tubes of glue!

In two sentences, how would you describe your work technique?
I work mainly in paper cuts, I have my stock of colored papers and other that I create with markers for more textures. A little bit in the style of a sculptor, I cut the shapes with my scissors directly from the material, from the mass, then, either I create all the elements separately then I assemble them on Photoshop (to have a bigger freedom in the composition set), or I stick the whole work directly (to have complete originals).

What is the project of which you are most proud of?
I recently published my first youth book as author-illustrator, Imagier mouillé published by Thierry Magnier. It is a picture book for toddlers, on the theme of the water and animals, who plays on the associations of words (that rhymes in french) as "lac/flaque", "mare/marécage", "goutte/rosée", "rivière/cascade", etc.... I was eager to create an album mixing the playful, graphic aspect and the educational side to learn the kids some of wonders of nature!

Which are your favorite colors to create?
I really have no favorite colors, what guides me it's what takes place between themselves, the way they interact and vibrate oned with the others! But I like the vivid, often primary colors, the strong contrasts that a small touch of grey comes to calm and balance!

Why did you become an artist?
I don't know if we really become an artist, we are all when we are a child, some stay, other not. I just made the only thing which always carried me: visually create, play with colors, shapes, to tell, to evoke, to take some pleasure (even if it is not always easy) and try to also give some!

In four words, how would you describe your style of illustration?
Simplicity, balance, colors, cutting.

What is the project about which you dream?
A project which offers lots of freedom, a creative challenge, a beautiful visibility, a harmonious and constructive communication with the client with comfortable deadlines and a great budget ; -)!

What looks like a typical day in the life of Véronique Joffre?
A clever mix of: lot of work, hold deadlines, or create new images, try new graphic tracks and then a little cooking, tea breaks, some phone calls, a hint of waste of time on social networks, little bit of pilates, some gardening and some cuddles to my cat! And of course on weekends, it's often the pub and art exhibitions!

What inspires you?
So many things! Nature, animals, colors, naturalists, textures, la garrigue, stones, Matisse, rosé wine, Bonnard, Willy Ronis, Jane Goodall, David Attenborough, Daniel Barenboïm, Christine and the Queens...

What is your blog or your favorite web page?
A site I like is the English collective NousVous formed by three talented illustrators, their universes are very inspiring!

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