"Summer suit" wallpaper to download by Mamzelle Poppy

The wallpaper of this month is part of the fashion research of our new illustrator Mamzelle Poppy. Her work is made up of different elements creating a pop, graphic and colored aesthetics. This universe reflects a very personal vision of femininity and the world surrounding us exactly as she sees it: with a suspicion of naughtiness and whim. 

Versions 1680x1050, 1440x900, 1280x800...
Versions 2560x1440, 1920x1080...
Versions iPhone 4iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus
Version iPad, iPad mini

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Palpitations for creative!

New blood, abundant colors, mixed techniques and healthy styles that are sure to fill your creative hearts!

This month: Victoria Bee, paper artist and set designer joins the clinic, Poppy Magda and Stephanie F. Scholz share their summer creations, Antonio Uve illustrates self-publishing, Benoit Tardif and Pablo Pasadas are in magazines... Plus, download the wallpaper of the month signed Victoria Bee.

Your clinic is at the block to treat your projects: print or web advertising campaigns, storyboard, packaging, motion design, commercial, live event intervention ...

- The artists and agents of Colagene, your creative clinic.

A muscular newsletter!

This summer, we were full of vitamin D! Colagene presents the "muscular" newsletter; with the best inspirations of July and August.

This month: Florent Hauchard makes a TV spot for Drak and an Instagram campaign for Stabilo. Tonwen Jones had the idea to illustrate birthdays, Annick Poirier illustrates a campaign for Sea Side and the SAQ, in addition to creating the welcome card of the Montreal Botanical Garden, Nicole Jarecz makes digital maps for Roger Vivier in France, and many other surprises. Meet our designer / illustrator Aurore Danielou in our Creative Capsule.

Your clinic is ready for the back-to-school challenges: print or web advertising campaign, storyboard, packaging, motion design, live action for events ...

- The artists and agents of Colagene, your creative clinic.

Summer is here!

The weather is nice and hot, meaning the pollen and picnic season is back in full swing!

This month: La Place Longueuil gets a makeover with XXL frescoes, Zigor Samaniego illustrates in 3D for the Rick Hansen Foundation, Benoit Tardif illustrates a cover and a special health issue, Emmanuel Polanco signs the posters of the Theater an der Wien and the 31 Bullets campaign is awarded by a Silver Lion in Cannes ... and several other projects recently released.

Your clinic is open all summer.

- The artists and agents of Colagene, your creative clinic