Nicole Jarecz / Event evening: Chandon / Canada

Nicole Jarecz created the illustrations for two postcards distributed during a Chandon event.

Nicole Jarecz / Arlettie / Paris

Arlettie, which organizes exceptional private sales in Paris, asked Nicole Jarecz to make more than twenty illustrations for their promotion. Thanks Etoile Rouge!

Nicole Jarecz / Book updated

Illustrated scenes for the monthly newsletter of the perfume brand Les Senteurs Tropéziennes, produced by Les Récidivistes; accompanied by two silhouettes inspired by the fashion shows and a product illustration for the Avantages magazine. All done by the talented and determined Nicole Jarecz.

Nicole Jarecz / Roger Vivier / France

Nicole Jarecz was selected to illustrate 3 digital cards (Thank you, Birthday and Mother's Day) for Roger Vivier.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion illustrations

Here are some creations by Nicole Jarecz, an American illustrator who lived several years in Paris. Nicole, a young mom, adores fashion and is passionate about her illustrator's job.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion illustrations

It's Spring season, Nicole is inspired by it and presents us two illustrations fashion where the pattern and the movement are honored. She mixes the ink, the watercolor and lines with markers for a bold effect. To see some more, visit the portfolio of Nicole Jarecz.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion research

For a fresh start in 2017, Nicole Jarecz has decided to illustrate everything luxe. From Moët & Chandon fine champagne, to Dolce & Gabbana iconic sunglasses to Ladurée's famous Parisian store fronts. These pieces highlight Nicole's love of feminine color, simple composition and fashion.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion research

Nicole Jarecz introduces us to her fashion searches for this end of autumn. To see her new searches, click here.

Nicole Jarecz / Chic & fashion!

Always in her fashion world, Nicole Jarecz continues her researches for style and for technique. Concerning silhouettes above, she has worked the watercolor, the line and the transparency. To see other of her researches see her portfolio.

Nicole Jarecz / Lord & Taylor / Fall/Winter 2016 / Michigan

During an evening, Nicole Jarecz played fashion designers for Lord and Taylor by drawing live silhouettes of the new Fall/Winter 2016 collection.

Nicole Jarecz / Jouviance cosmetics company / Montreal

Nicole Jarecz created these female face models used as professional training tools for Jouviance cosmetics, a Canadian company from Quebec province.

Nicole Jarecz / Best Dressed Pets book by Laurence King editions / London

Last Spring, Laurence King publishing from London city gave to Nicole Jarecz the opportunity to work on a coloring book with stickers for young fashionistas! Nicole worked on this project for several weeks and illustrated dogs with their female masters in different environments.

Nicole Jarecz / Women's Health Magazine / Pennsylvania

How to adopt the best posture at your workstation? Here are some tricks for you not to have backache anymore. Discover the article illustrated by Nicole Jarecz in the magazine Women Health of May 2015.

Nicole Jarecz / Fashion week : Inspirations / Paris

Every year, Fashion Week launches the trends and influences numerous artists in their creations. Nicole Jarecz presents us here a part of her searches inspired by Parisian Fashion Week.

Nicole Jarecz / Various realizations / Paris

Nicole Jarecz, whose works endlessly evolve, is proud to share with you her last realizations. First of all, silhouettes realized in the magazine Commons&Sense in Japan for an article about Tiffany jewels . Then, a patchwork of clothes and accessories for gifts. A scene of a bike in spring, very smart and with pastel colors. And, last but least, an illustration created for Ford USA. To see more of her recent work, visit her portfolio.

Nicole Jarecz / Fiat Online / UK

Paris, Milan and London... these are the Fashion capitals Nicole Jarecz illustrated for the Fiat online Magazine.

Nicole Jarecz / Magazine Atlanta / Atlanta

For its Fall/Winter 2014 issue, Atlanta magazine asked Nicole to illustrate the Southbound publication. The subject: a map made of the most popular attractions around 5th Avenue South from Naples, Florida. For each of them, a representative icon has been drawn to help the Fashionistas to find tasty croissants or Tracy Negoshian’s flagship store.

Nicole Jarecz / Marie Claire China / Beijing

Nicole created a splendid floral and enchanting interior design, by integrating 7 featured products, for the floral package of Marie Claire China Magazine.

Nicole Jarecz / Personal research: Pure beauty / Paris

Inspired by fashion week and luxury brands, Nicole Jarecz charms us with this all white illustration.

Nicole Jarecz / Clin d'Œil Magazine / Montreal

Discover, with this illustration by Nicole Jarecz, a few ideas for your Christmas gifts. Clin d'Œil Magazine is introducing, in their December issue, 6 fragrances to try out.

Nicole Jarecz / Personal research: world and fashion / Paris

Nicole Jarecz got inspired by fashion weeks from here and there to introduce these trendy illustrations. To (re) discover the world of Nicole, visit her portfolio.

Nicole Jarecz / Fémina Magazine / Paris

Nicole Jarecz produced 3 illustrations of sunscreens' packaging for the article : subject Solar Beauty for the May 2013 issue of Fémina Magazine.

Nicole Jarecz / Midwives Magazine / London

Nicole Jarecz made the portraits of Midwives Magazine's contributors, with a young and fresh style and variations in textures. This series includes portraits of 3 female collaborators, involved in the midwives community, giving their opinion in different matters.

Nicole Jarecz / Commons&Sense magazine / Tokyo

Nicole Jarecz has created this amazing project of fashion illustrations based on the Celine runway show for Tokyo-based magazine, Commons&Sense.

Nicole Jarecz / Brussel Airlines B Spirit! Magazine / London

Nicole Jarecz illustrates 6 portraits of the most dedicated leaders of change from the fields of technology, business and even social activism, shaping a brighter future for the whole african continent, for the B Spirit! Magazine.

Nicole Jarecz / New research : Watercolor style

Nicole experiments and develops her book. She shares with us her approach:

"Being precise has always been a focus of mine when illustrating, but I'm trying to break down my boundaries and experiment with watercolor and other techniques to give my fashion illustrations a more sophisticated look. Hopefully this experimentation will bring my work to a new level." - Nicole Jarecz

Nicole Jarecz / FIAT Fashion issue Application / USA

Nicole was featured in Fashion issue of the automobile’s Apple® iPad application, for FIAT. She also had to fill a Q&A related to her fashion illustrations and her lifestyle in Paris. The project was realized by Union AdWorks agency.

Nicole Jarecz / Company Magazine / Londres

Nicole Jarecz illustrates a feature on money and spending, explaining different behaviours, for Company Magazine.

Nicole Jarecz / Glamour Magazine / Munich

13 horoscope illustrations for the January 2011 issue of the Glamour magazine in Germany.

Nicole Jarecz / New illustrator / Paris

Nicole Jarecz is a Detroit-native who graduated with a degree in illustration from the College for Creative Studies. Her delicate and feminine illustrations are a result of playing with graphite, ink, watercolor and found-textures digitally. She finds her inspiration from everyday events, fashion, traveling, people-watching and living in Paris.